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Rediscover Joy at Work (HBR): The last year and a half have been hard, and many of us have lost the joy we once got from work. This article explains what has driven the change and how we can rediscover that joy.

Gabrielle Union discusses her surrogacy journey (Time): TW - miscarriage and fertility challenges. Gabby so beautifully articulates the duality of emotions in her experience. Will be buying her book asap.

Is Instagram for Kids ok?  (NPR): Lawmakers are taking action against Facebook as they push their new "Instagram for Kids" app. 

710 Indigenous people (mostly women) have gone missing in Wyoming (Insider): Gabby Petito's case is unfortunately not so rare in Wyoming (where she disappeared), except that she's a white woman.

Single moms are forced to disclose sexual history or lose welfare (ProPublica): This article taught me a lot about how TANF ( Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) works, where the money goes, and the risks women face in disclosing required information to receive assistance.

Why Biden is turning his back on Haitian immigrants (Vox): The US has a long and troubled history with Haitian immigration - a piece of America's anti-Black story. Related and important and helpful: how the news covers the Haiti immigration crisis.

LulaRich reveals a gap in the US Economy (The Atlantic): I had the same thoughts watching Amazon Prime's LulaRich. Related: what got left out of LulaRich - a firsthand account.

What the fitness industry can learn from the Black Peloton community growth (Outside Business Journal): Black communities are usually left out of the cycling world - how Peloton has built a Black community and what businesses can learn from it.

2021.09.26 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, September 26, 2021


Sunday Reading List is back after a summer hiatus! Here's what I'm reading:

The impact of 9/11 defense contracting on D.C. neighborhoods (DCist): Spoiler alert - it hit Black communities the hardest.

Black professors push a major state university to confront racism (WaPo): What Black faculty face at state universities and what we need to do to change. 

Related: my friend's PhD dissertation defense "When They See Us: A Multiple Case Study to Understand Recruitment and Retention of Black Faculty at Predominantly White Institutions"

Why you should pet your dog before you leave the house (Upworthy): If the science says!

Inside the Miss Navajo Nation pageant (Glamour): Love this version of a pageant and learning about the Navajo culture.

What is the best decade of our lives? (YouGovAmerica): Dives into a poll asking Americans what they believe the best years of their lives are (real into my 30s right now).

The pandemic has unleashed a war on women (The Guardian): We have focused a lot on women's unemployment as a result of the pandemic, but the reality for women around the world is much darker.

The Great Resignation doesn't have to detract from your company's DEI efforts (HBR): Six practical ways to keep DEI centered as we navigate mass resignations.

2021.09.12 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, September 12, 2021