Bottomless Brunch at Mad Momo's

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lots of light, 2 stories, grits.
Some day drinking girlfriends of mine and I purchased a Capitol Deal at Mad Momo's in Columbia Heights and tried it out a few Sundays ago. Upon first walking in (let me stress walking- it's not close to the metro but there are about a million buses that go right there) I was in love. The host was probably the friendliest and most accomodating host I've ever dealt with- I got to pick our seats and none of that "everyone in your party has to be present to be seated" game. I understand why that policy is in place, but honestly when it's the morning after Saturday night please just hand me a mimosa before this hangover kills me and don't make me wait for last 2 who have never been on time in their lives, I swear they are coming because I am so type A that I have been texting/Tweeting/SnapChatting every person in the party since 9 a.m. to make sure they are on the way. Since it's summer in DC it was unbearably hot and sweaty outside so I picked a couch with 5 overstuffed comfy seats surrounding a table next to the giant bay window. Close enough to see everyone walk by yet still inside.

Here's the breakdown:
Bottomless Mimosas: $15
Average Brunch Plate: $10
Check Splitting: Easy
Bathrooms: Clean, no lines

  • Brunch lasts ALL DAY SUNDAY 
  • Guava juice mimosas- DELICIOUS. Also they don't burn your stomach after 20 the way OJ does
  • GRITS- the grits were everything. every. last. thing. Honestly I don't really remember what I ate because I was so distracted by the fluffy, sticky, perfect grits. I could have eaten a bowl of those puppies and sipped guava mimosas all day and been 100% satisfied.
  • Lots of vegan/vegetarian options and even clean menu items. I had to cheat. The grits. THE GRITS.
  • A lot of food options in general (I hate places where it's like pancakes or eggs which one do you want?). They were actually ranked as DC's hottest spot for foodies.
  • Friendly staff
  • Eco friendly, green and local (yay for day drinking and supporting good things!)
  • Clean bathrooms (but why is someone's law school diploma hanging in the women's bathroom?)
  • Ample outdoor seating that would be great once the temperature drops below 1000 degrees

  • Constant empty mimosa glasses (blessing in disguise?)
  • Our waitress seemed rude. Every time we asked for anything including refills, it seemed like a major labor for her. Sidenote- She was Eastern European. Not to stereotype but I used to work with a Ukranian who was a former Disney on Ice ice dancer (yes, ice dancer). He once told me the story of Aladin toppling off an elephant during a show and landing unconscious face down. I asked if Aladin was ok and he replied "Huh? I don't know I never see him again, ze show must go on. Ze show must always go on". Sooo that's my theory on her behavior. Ze show must always go on, and we must always be serious
  • 2 hour brunch limit. It was enforced. Wait looking back maybe our waitress hated us?
Moral of the story: I will definitely go back. Bang for your buck and THE GRITS. Y'all I swear I had a dream about these grits just last night.


  1. Will definitely be visiting this place again! The food was definitely solid and Lindsay is right on the money about the grits!! Great breakdown!

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  3. Great story! I swear. Actually I have to arrange also a kind of best boozy brunch nyc, but do not know much about its necessities since it is my first time. You helped me out somewhat by sharing your experiences here. Thanks buddy.


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