Dog Bed Deal!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If you don't check Groupon Goods daily, then you are missing out on a lot of deals on everything you could ever need including things you never knew you needed (iPhone carmount- SERIOUSLY who thought of that and how did I live without it). If I hadn't just bought Andi's memory foam bed I would be purchasing this one today:

Actually I take that back, I'm buying this for when her memory foam bed gets ratty. And I'm going to order a 2nd bed to keep at my parents' house for their "granddogger" weekends (my mom's passive-aggressive way of telling me it's time to have kids. Her referring to my dog as her "granddogger" is better than the time she told me if I keep waiting to settle down and have kids they'll be autistic because that's what happens to babies when their moms spend their prime baby-baring years 'drinking and dating around' and are now too old). It's $20 with FREE shipping, and I have bought a lot of toys and treats from Animal Planet through Groupon Goods. They are good products and they ship within the week which is great for people like me who obsessively track orders (did it get lost in the mail?? did the front desk misplace it? what if Andi never gets this bed she doesn't even know about?!?!), plus it's hard to find an affordable dog bed that isn't a fucking eye-sore in the living room that I stuff into our lack-of-closets before people come over. Animal Planet Ultra Suede Pet Bed Online Deal 

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