FREE FOOD Happy Hour at Piola (Always)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

  • Average Drink Price: $4 ($4 wine, $3 beer, $5 specialty drinks)
  • Service: So so so nice. As a new bar I think they're trying to establish regulars (they won me)
  • Good for Groups: Yes! You can sit anywhere in the restaurant/patio/bar and get HH specials
  • Mood: It's nice and bright and chill. Turning up was encouraged
  • Outdoor Seating: Rooftop patio

That glass of wine was $4 and that mostly eaten food is FREE. FREE.
Ok I know it's kind of rachet to include a picture of mostly-eaten food, but just had to re-iterate that the food. is. FREE. When my friend first told me she went to Piola and they give out free food I was like a) yeah free food like nuts and Chex Mix? yeah no and b) this place is probably a sh*t hole. Wrong and wrong. Servers come around with trays of finger food, and I kid you not, one of these finger foods is pizza. PIZZA! YALL I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN DC. Two of us got the $4 white wine which was poured generously (raise your hand if you hate when happy hour wine = 1 shot of wine), and the other got a $5 specialty strawberry drink where they actually crush strawberries in the glass. My friends and I will be regulars. The only downside is that the bathroom is in the basement, but it's clean so I'm over it.

Also please note their brunch special- it's like Cici's for grown ups. Bottomless pizza and bottomless mimosas for $30. Oh and they have nutella pizza. I can't. I just cannot.


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