Happy Hour at Chicha

Friday, August 23, 2013


Average drink price: $5. $10 for hookah (!!!)
Service: so-so
Good for groups: Yes. Tables, couches, chairs and lots of space around the bar allow for groups
Mood: Real chill
Try the: Sangria, Rose and Mint Hookah

The other day someone was like "OMG I can't believe you smoke hookah that's as bad as cigarettes!" and started spouting off all kinds of OMG Statistics. As a profession, I manipulate data and statistics to make people want to donate money and I have a feeling someone (not as) smart as myself made up these statistics. I smoke hookah maybe every two weeks while cigarette smokers smoke cigarettes, what, every two hours? I'm no scientist but I'm not seeing how it all adds up.

But anyway, that conversation got me in the mood for hookah so a friend and I popped over to Chi-Cha on U Street for their hookah happy hour. $10 hookah and $5 drinks hallloo! We mixed guava and peach and ordered a vodka martini, a mojito (what's with my mojito kick?) and the empanada trio (oopsies clean eating cheat) and really enjoyed ourselves. The mojito was fine- I've had better but trust me I've had much worse. I also like their sangria, it's sweet and fruity. There is always some kind of weird nudey movie playing on the TV which is kind of distrating but I guess it goes with the wall decor which includes paintings of boobs and coochies. There were only a few other people there but service was still slow as the bartender and the manager were chit chattin away at the end of the bar. But hey, hookah and mojitos are meant to enjoy slowly and chilled out so it's fine. We each had two drinks, the empanada trio and a hookah for a grand total of $30.

Here's the happy hour menu:

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