Nature Day

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Y'all DC is really the best- I love how you can get the big city feel, the historical feel, and the nature feel. Today Andi and I hit the trails at Rock Creek Park and got some great exercise and enjoyed the nature. This is my favorite park because it's so easy- there's free parking with no time limits (YES in DC!) or you can take the metro (Foggy Bottom is about 1/2 mile from the park, or Van Ness is about a mile), or you can walk from pretty much anywhere in the city. 

Andi and I ran there then jogged some trails. Other dogs ran around off the leash- Andi can't handle that kind of freedom but it's good to know it's such a dog-friendly park. It was beautiful and so refreshing after a long week! Washington Post's Going Out Guide had an article in May about all you can do at Rock Creek including some hiking suggestions and free stuff to do at the park- view it here. is also a great resource I use to figure out the trails, where to access them, and how far/hard they are.
Andi embracing nature

This trail is easily accessible from Beach Drive off 16th Street

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