Dupont Happy Hour at Firefly

Sunday, September 29, 2013

the Classic Martini and Moscow Mule- $6 drinks in fancy glasses!

  • Average Drink Price: $6 ($6 options and $13 options). $5 salty snacks
  • Service: We sat at the bar- the bartenders were very attentive and quick
  • Good for GroupsNot really- there was a big group there and they were accidentally elbowing everyone, there's just not enough room at the bar area for that
  • Mood: Fancy Chillin
  • Outdoor Seating: No
  • Try theMoscow Mule and Crispy Chickpea
How cute is Firefly and how did I not know about it? The inside is painted/decorated with "Kitchen Cottage" scenery and you know what else? They have an awesome gluten free menu! I came here with two other people and it was perfect for us to catch up and chat. And can we just talk about the CRISPY CHICKPEAS? I have never heard of that, but we were like "hey let's live a little" and my taste buds were blown. So so savory delicious. I asked what they were seasoned with so I could possibly make them at home and the bartender said parmesan and garlic. Really who thought of that?

Between the three of us we tried every drink (oopsies) and the only ones I didn't like were the gin drinks, but I don't do gin. Do people who like gin also think gin tastes like Christmas trees or do we have different taste buds?

Anway, I'll be going back. Check out their happy hour menu here.

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