Best Couples Halloween Costumes on a Budget {DIY & Where to Buy}

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Time to get creative! These are my favorite classic couples costumes with DIY and Where To Buy. What are YOU going to be for Halloween? What are the best couples costumes? 

  1. Mario and Luigi: The best price on the full costume I could find was at Oriental Trading for $28 each. Not so great if your budget is like mine. Fortunately this is a super easy DIY. I found overalls at Goodwill and Martha's Outfitters. Target and Wal-Mart have plain green and red t-shirts AND white gloves, and these days fake adhesive mustaches are everywhere (Target, Oriental Trading, any gift shops). We found red and green hats (thanks, neighbors!) and drew an "M" and "L" on white paper, cut it out, and taped it to our hats. Easy and done for under $10 each.
  2. Bacon and Eggs: We ordered our's from Fantasy Toyland for $24.99. 2 costumes, $12 each!
  3. Thing 1 and Thing 2: Adult onesies are quite an investment. The best price I found was on Amazon for $34 . Let's be real- onesies are the gift that keeps on giving, especially in red (hello tacky sweater party!?) so definitely can be worth the money. If you want to keep it simple (and not sweat your ass off), EBay has a store that sells Thing 1 and Thing 2 tshirts and gear.
  4. Monkey and Banana: How cute is this. And easy. Also I could start a business if I charged every person who borrows my banana costume and Amazon has options for UNDER $10! They also have simple monkey costume pieces (cue: not sweaty) under $10 here.
  5. Flintstones: This is an easy DIY that I have done more than once. For Wilma we made a toga using a white sheet, borrowed a pearl necklace, and sprayed my hair orange. For Fred, we bought 3 yards of orange felt and about 1 yard of black felt. In the center of the orange felt, we cut a hole for the head to go through (envision a pancho), and hot glued black felt pieces all over the orange "pancho". You can also buy the costumes at Wal-Mart for $20 each.
  6. Loofah and Bubbles: Thank you, Pinterest! How awesome is this costume! I've seen it done with "soap" but the bubbles take the cake. This is amazing. Here is a tutorial video for a no-sew loofah costume.  You can put this costume together for less than $10 total.

Need a hot glue gun? I ordered this gem for $20 and it has lasted years. Hot glue guns are TRULY the gift that keeps on giving.


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