Wednesday Workout {Mr. Shut Up and Train}

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Got my email bright and early for Day 2 of Mr. Shut Up and Train's second 30 Day Challenge- a total body workout plus a 2 minute ab session (see instructional videos and ab workout here). I'm mixing Mr. Shut Up and Train's workouts with long runs this month to prepare for my half marathon that is next month (training schedule coming soon). This is hard but SO worth the results, and just this workout is soo worth how good you feel at the end.

When I need a little extra motivation I check out his social media (use #30daycc and #TotalFit, follow him on Instagram at @MrShutUpandTrain). He posts things like "look at this grandma who completed 3 reps of this workout today! You have no excuse!" and it is pretty inspiring to be a part of a health community made up of people in so many different places in life, and to see other people encouraging each other- people they don't even know. So check it out and feel good!
Workout Wednesday
Sidenote: last time around I had really bad lower back pain and calf pain, so this time I am focusing on quality stretches so I can really maximize these workouts, plus not use excuses. Here are my main stretches that I hold for 30 seconds each (as recommended by a fitness instructor friend of mine) to avoid that pain (annd that you can do watching Long Island Medium): {click "read the whole post" for stretches}

lower back stretch. image from

lower back stretch. image from

lower back stretch you can even do at work! image from

lower back stretch. image from
Calf stretch. Image from

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