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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Star Trek Robe Remote Control Beer Cooler Bourbon Ice Balls Rocks Glass Set Silk Bow Ties Bamboo Organizing/Charging Station Watch Sock of the Month Club Membership Bacon Bundles Play Station Games Image Map
How stressful is picking the perfect gift for people-pleasers like us, right? I took a survey of
tons of guy friends asking for their Christmas lists and the best gifts they ever received, and
after weeding out the extremely inappropriate suggestions this is what we came up 
with (as well as the least expensive places I found to buy):

  1. $29.99 Star Trek Bathrobes from It's a robe AND it's Star Trek. The perfect gift for the sci-fi guy on your list (can you imagine the joy that comes from watching Star Trek IN A STAR TREK ROBE?).
  2. $26 Silk Bowties from Macy's: Really how good looking are these? This is the best price I have found for bowties that are not pre-tied (pre-tied bowties = cardinal sin according to the surveyed males).
  3. $42 Remote Controlled Beer Cooler from Amazon: This doesn't need a description. It holds 6 bottles or cans at a time + ice. 
  4. $34 Bamboo Multi-Charging Office Organizer Station from GreatUsefulStuff: Perfect for the working guy at home or at the office, or at the home office.
  5. $9.99 Makers Mark Bourbon Ice Ball Tray on eBay:  Get the giggles out of your system- I know, iceballs is hilarious- because this is the best gift I have ever given. Williams-Sonoma is selling these like hotcakes for $1,000, or you could get the simplified version on eBay.  The spherical shape of these ice balls causes the ice to melt way slower than ice cubes, therefore diluting drinks less. If you watch Bar Rescue you know ice balls are also the key to saving struggling bars.
  6. $9.99 Rocks Glasses (set of 6) from Target: To complement the gift of iceballs. Also throw in some booze and you are officially the best gift-giver ever.
  7. $155 Tommy Hilfiger watch from Macy's: Every professional needs a good looking watch. And this is a REAL good looking one. Use this RetailMeNot Coupon for 20% off  (huge shoutout to all the readers who have turned me onto 
  8. $40 3 Month Subscription to Sock of the Month Club: The BF is a member and it is like Christmas once a month when the new, hand-made, one-of-a-kind socks come in the mail. It's the small things, people.
  9. Starting at $19- Bacon Gift Bundles from For the bacon-lover on your list. (also check out Bacon of The Month Subscriptions from Zingerman's starting at $99
  10. COD: Ghosts $41 on Amazon: For the life of me I cannot figure out what is so fun about pretending to blow things up on Nintendo, but this showed up on 90% of the lists so I guess there is something enjoyable about it. Amazon has the best prices I could find.

Runner ups:
  1. $19 NFL Jerseys from Target
  2. $149 Nike Fuel Band
  3. $30 Dri-Fit Athletic Shorts at Kohls
  4. Polos 
  5. iPads (I found the most competitive prices on Amazon but these change daily)
  6. Seasons of TV Shows on DVD: Breaking Bad ,   The West Wing: The Complete Series Collection, HouseStar Trek..In my opinion if you're going this route I suggest a Netflix Subscription
  7.  Boxers: UnderArmour ($20) and just plain silk ($50) were the highest ranking

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