Holiday Cocktail Dresses UNDER $20

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tis the season to be jolly- and spend a zillion dollars on holiday parties! Like really, by the time you bring a bottle of wine (are we too old to bring two buck chuck as host gifts?), homecooked holiday goodies (is it just me or do the grocery stores hike up the prices of baking goods at the holidays?), and wear your new dress with a new wrap, and a gift for the white elephant ($15 is a steep price limit when you have 5 white elephants to go to), I'm already dipping into my gifts budget for the year. 

Not to mention we're all friends and we all go to the same parties so there's no recycling party dresses womp womp. HOWEVER thanks to my favorite retailers it is going to be possible for me to dress myself this holiday season! And honestly just changing up the shoes/wrap/cardi, tights and accessories the same dress can look like 3 different dresses.

Here are my favorites:

Can't forget the accessories:
$16 Zermatt Wrap from KMart (super soft, comes in 26 colors)


  1. With the RetailMeNot app, there is a promo code for 25% off of one item at H&M (code was 0109) so the dress ended up being $13.46!

    1. Ahhh that is amazing! I need to get into the retailmenot app! Thanks for the tip!!

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