Organizing Life Without Spending Money: Part I

Right now I picture  life in our tiny apartment as a House Hunters intro: "We just need more space! We've been barely getting by!" as the BF, dog and I awkwardly rub bodies in the impossibly narrow galley kitchen during coffee hour, then the camera pans to me as I stand on a chair to reach the food in the cabinets that are built for comfortable accessibility to NBA players.

I'm not one to present problems without solutions, but we're in the home-buying process so our time in this place is limited which makes me hesitant (hesitant is not the right word- refuse maybe?) to invest any money (literally any, even $5) into organizing or bettering our current abode. However, for my Type A personality, some things need to be fixed (junk drawers, tornado-ridden pantries, cluttered closet space). Enter: new series: Organizing Life in a Place You Literally Can't Even Invest $1 On.

Part I: The Kitchen Junk Drawer
Every time I opened our junk drawer I needed a paper bag on hand to breathe into as panic attacks set in. No more panic attacks (over the junk drawer at least).

Here's what I did:
  1. Saved all things cardboard (pictured: Freezer bag box, aluminum foil box, cereal box)
  2. Cut the bottom out of the boxes (my new box things are about 3 inches tall. this depends on how big your drawers are. You want them big enough to hold a few items but short enough to close the drawers)
  3. Arrange them in the drawer
  4. Put junk in them (Sidenote: if you get as excited as me try categorizing the sections! Office supplies in here, oven stuff in here, wine stuff in here) 
  5. If you have time/paint you can paint these or mod podge them and make them  pretty! But really I'm not trying to do anything permanent here. 


Love to hear your thoughts and opinions, let's chat!