The Best Online Factory Outlet Stores {and how to avoid the scams}

Sunday, November 3, 2013

So I don't really do the outlets. Besides the fact that places like Arundel Mills and Williamsburg give me the creeps, the odds of the stores having my sizes (apparently America's most common sizes) in stock are slim and I feel like the gas and food money to get there cancel themselves out. Enter: ONLINE OUTLET SHOPPING. I'll save myself the gas money, greasy food courts, and mother/daughter dressing room meltdowns. Here are my favs:

Nordstrom Rack : Confession: I shop the Nordstrom junior's department- they list women's sizes in size charts so I figure everyone else does too. There are great juniors (and grown up clothes) for under $30 which is my magic number. And they have affordable lingerie too. What more could a girl ask for?

J Crew Factory: J Crew isn't usually my style, but if the price is right...

Guess Factory Store: Guess makes great pants for big-bootie girls like myself, and occasionally I really like other things I find on the site!

Don't think I forgot about the dogs! Amazon has a Pet Supply Outlet Store with everything from food to treats to costumes to dishes.

 A few pointers with outlet shopping:
  • Zulily is kind of like a temporary outlet host. I have bought (real) Toms for $20, Under Armour, Land's End and all kinds of other name-brand goodies on here.
  • A lot of sites claim to be a Tom's Outlet Store. I have done extensive research and not yet found one that sells authentic Toms. So if you want a knock-off pair, $12 isn't that bad. Here is a website with helpful tips to identify Toms Scams.  
Avoid getting scammed by fake TOMS stores online!


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