Friday Favs: Gifts That Give Back (perfect Valentine's Gifts!)

Friday, January 31, 2014

My favorite gifts to give (and receive of course) are the ones that also give back. We all know Toms and their "Buy One Give One" program, but here are some of my other favorite affordable stores that give back with each [trendy] purchase made- also, guys listen up, these make great Valentine's gifts! Especially if your someone-special is passionate about a certain cause. Really what better way is there to show you pay attention and care?

  1. The Animal Rescue Site: Each ITEM bought from The Animal Rescue Site funds at least 14 bowls of food for shelter animals in need. My sweet Andi came from Angel Dogs Rescue where the shelter workers constantly fund dog food from their own pockets due to lack of funding- not ok! This site has cool canvas shoes as well as mugs for dog and cat lovers, plus other sweet gifts (my mom gave me this doggie oven glove last year)- and OMG THESE SLIPPERS!!! This site also has links to gifts that give back to autism, literacy, breast cancer, hunger, veterans, diabetes and the rainforest.
  2. Ekata Designs: There are currently 10 million refugees in the world, the majority of which are women and children. These women and children face all kinds of challenges such as overcoming trauma from the past, learning a new language and culture, finding a job and becoming self-sufficient- a difficult process. Ekata Designs is an organization run by my little brother's friend in Memphis, TN who hires Nepalese refugee women and trains them to make jewelry which they sell in their Etsy Shop. The jewelry is beautiful (my brother gave me this necklace for Christmas) and really reasonably priced. I also love these earrings and this bracelet
  3. Soapbox Soaps: Did you know 3,000 children's lives could be saved every DAY with something as simple as clean water and soap?? With ever soap purchase Soapbox Soaps (headquartered right here in DC!) provides soap, vitamins and clean water to children right here in the US and internationally. Their liquid soaps make great host gifts, and these all-natural soaps and bodywashes are less expensive than typical name-brand and drug store soaps. My favorite is the Mandarin Bodywash. 
  4. Twice as Warm (also located here in DC) donates a clothing item to families in need for every item purchased. Unlike similar organizations, Twice as Warm donates the same high quality products to families as you are buying. I love their All American Ear Warmer (also a great gift for your favorite American patriot), DC Polar Bear T, and Classic Fleece Scarf.

What am I missing? Leave ideas in the comments if I've missed some good ones, I like lots of ideas!

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