Wednesday Workout: Hotel Room Workout

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My view as I'm writing..

Greetings from Jamaica! It's so wonderful and beautiful and sunny here, but I won't go on with details to make everyone jealous.

Just because it's vacation doesn't mean healthy living goes on a hiatus. Ok that's kind of a lie, I'm definitely kicking up my eating and drinking a notch, but I AM trying really hard to exercise at least 3 times on this vacation. I am the queen of excuses for not exercising at hotels (how often they sanitize the machines in the workout room? Do you know how many germs and sicknesses are spread in gyms that aren't kept clean? What is gym protocol at a hotel anyway? Running on the beach in a foreign country- what if I get picked up and end up in a Liam-Neison-Taken situation?) SO I made an interval training workout that can be done with minimal space and no equipment, essentially hotel room bootcamp.  Wifi here is spotty so I made printable you can download here.

Sidenote: There are lots of free apps that are interval timers out there. That makes it SO much easier than constantly checking the stopwatch on the iphone!

Intermediate/advanced: perform each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest.
Beginner: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with 30 second rest

Plank Jacks
Modification: regular plank
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Jumping Lunges
Modification: regular lunges 
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Crawl Down Pushups (also crawl back up)
Modification: Regular pushups, knee pushups

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Squat Jump 
Modification: regular squats

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Ice Skater (jump from side to side like the guy pictured staying as low as possible)
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Mountain Climber
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Plie Squat Jump
Modification: regular plies
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Modification: cut out the push up
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High Knees
Modification: jog in place

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  1. Thanks for linking up at WOW! I'm so jealous. This is a great workout especially if there isn't a hotel gym. Next time bring a package of Lysol wipes or buy a can a Lysol so you can use the fitness center LOL. Are you a certified trainer or instructor? If you are, you know you can join fitness travel and get your room and board for free. All you need to do is teach 3 hours a day. I was thinking about doing it.

  2. Wow check you OUT working out on vacation! That's how you do it! Enjoy your time AND the food and keep it going so it doesn't feel like you are starting over once you return to the states. Yeah mon! Thanks for stopping by our WOW Link Up today!

  3. Even though I haven't done most of these it sounds pretty simple enough.


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