Friday Favs: Free Podcasts + Internet Must-Sees of The Week

Friday, February 21, 2014

**Update 2/ 23- I have been getting a lot of questions about how to find/download/subscribe to podcasts. See the bottom of this post for a photo tutorial

Seriously, podcasts saved me yesterday as I was either bopping around the Dallas airport or sitting on a plane en route to sunny San Diego (NO SNOW!!). I listen to podcasts via my iphone on the bus (yes they work for drowning out the sound of that man on my bus EVERY. SINGLE. DAY singing Maxwell at the top of his lungs), walking Andi, on car rides... The only down side is that when I'm listening to The Read I laugh out loud and look crazier than the guy singing Maxwell on the bus.

1. The Read: This has me on the floor every time I listen- it is hilarious. Two friends who are new-ish to NYC discuss pop culture, help listeners with their personal issues, and give epic "reads" at the end of every episode.
Must Listen:  ALL OF THEM.
2. This American Life: Stories of regular people, regular things, made interesting.
Must Listen: Notes on Camp
3. RadioLab: 2 scientist guys dive deep into all kinds of things and happenings and look into any kind of crazy question. They use sound to illustrate their explanations, it's so cool.
Must Listen: Colors
4. Ted Radio Hour: Four TED Talks about a chosen topic, plus interviews with the speakers.
Must Listen: Giving It Away
5. Freakonomics Radio: The guys who wrote the book have a radio show and they explore the economics of social issues.
Must Listen: How Much Does a Name Really Matter?
6. Savage Lovecast: Dan Savage answers all your deepest (and weirdest- no judgement just saying) sex questions with his witty humor. You never know what you're going to get.
Must Listen: I couldn't find the episode, but there's one where a guy talks about drinking vampire blood. Um..

Things I'm loving on the interwebs this week:

UPDATE: Podcast How-To (sorry I only know how to do this on the iphone. Anyone know how to do it on other phones?)

Step 1: Click the Podcast app on the homescreen.

Step 2: Click the magnifying glass in the bottom right hand corner. Sidenote: If you've never listened to podcasts, the "My Podcast" section will be empty and look different from this.
 Step 3: Type in the name of the podcast you are looking for.

Step 4: Click on an episode of the podcast.
 Step 5: To download one episode of the podcast at a time, click on the cloud with the arrow. If you want to subscribe to a podcast, cick the purple "SUBSCRIBE" button. When you subscribe to a podcast it automatically downloads the newest podcast as soon as it's released which is nice- it's like a little surprise!

Listening at work? You can always listen to individual podcasts from the websites by clicking the links I listed above.


  1. I have never gotten into podcasts (I am almost ashamed to admit that) but really may after reading your post. There is a wealth of knowledge I could be learning during my new commute. So thank you for opening my eyes and for stopping by my blog! xo

    1. Ooh podcasts are perfect for the commutes! Hope you enjoy!


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