Friday Favs: Wedding Planning Resources (for the Type A Bride-to-Be)

Friday, February 28, 2014

Raise your hand if you're extremely Type A! Raise your hand if spreadsheets make everything right! But really, I thank the gods of Google every night for Google Sheets and Google Wedding Planning Templates. I have one Googledoc where I store everything, and it is shared with Harrison so he can add things, check things off and have access to all the info about our wedding. Not to mention this is very helpful for my dear fiance who is a bit of a groomzilla, but that's for another post.

Major benefit of being "always the bridesmaid never the bride": everyone else's resources. I made my own Googledoc wedding planner (you can download it and use it below) by copying and pasting the most useful planners and spreadsheets my married friends sent me (you can tell my accountant friend put together the budget sheet right?) into sheets in a Google Spreadsheet. It auto-calculates totals and moneys and everything you could need. Great huh?

Other helpful wedding planning resources:

My Planner Template: 

Site: Google Drive Planning Templates 
What it does: Browse through planning templates for everything you could possibly need

What it does: wedding website builder, budget calculators, checklists, apps for your phone, vendor searches with reviews (I live for reviews), dresses, real weddings,  forums on pretty much all wedding-related things

What it does: Everything Wedding Wire does BUT it allows you to search by price range! And you can search weddings by color or theme.

What it does:Spreadsheet dreams come true. Complete day-of workbooks for DIY Wedding and Formal Wedding, guest list, vendor list, contact list, packing lists and timelines. If you're planning a budget-friendly wedding you have to spend some time on this site for ideas, DIY tutorials, and readl budget weddings (sorted by price).

What it does: Look everyone knows I love LC and how crazy is it that we both did internships in LA at the same time (ok I was doing mine when The Hills was actually on TV), we graduated high school at the same time, and now we're engaged together. So clearly I'm stalking her wedding planning and clearly it's super great. Most helpful planner resources: beauty timeline and overall wedding planning timeline

What it does: pulls together guest lists from your social networks, tracks invites/rsvps, makes color coded and filtered seating charts

Bonus: EastSideBride 
What it does: Makes you laugh. A lot. This was sent by the same friend who introduced me to Again, so lucky to be "always the bridesmaid never the bride" for these great things.

What are your favorite wedding planning resources and websites?

P.S. Can we talk about this ? J. Crew confuses me a lot, this leaves me very confused. Are we doing this?

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  1. Thanks, this is totally what I needed - hence my Wedding Wednesday post from today - because there are so many options but no one to tell me which is better. Happy planning!

  2. Great resources!

    Is J.Crew kidding?!?! That's awful! lol

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