Wednesday Workout: New HIIT

So I've found a new youtube fitness instructor to add to the list: Christine Salus has 50 workout videos up on youtube including HIITs, body-part-specific HIITs, and low intensity workouts. The moves she uses mix it up a lot compared to the videos I've gotten used to so I really enjoyed (and almost died from) this workout! Check it out below:

Curious about the benefits of HIIT (aka High Intensity Interval Training)? Here's a quick recap of a previous post on High Intensity Interval Training:
  • While HIIT workouts feel like hell, after 2 weeks of consistent (3xweek) HIIT workouts, a study by American College of Sports and Medicine found one's aerobic capacity will see the same improvement as 8 weeks of endurance training.  Other studies found the same aerobic results for subjects who completed 60 minutes of HIIT each week vs. subjects who completed 160 minutes of treadmill workouts each week.
  • You are supposed to feel like you are dying a slow death by suffocation. This lack of oxygen is essentially putting your body in "oxygen debt" and your body stays burning cals for up to 24 hours (YES 24 HOURS) afterwards trying to "repay" this "debt", i.e. speeding up our metabolism. 
  • HIIT increases your HGH release, meaning these workouts are slowing the aging process (yeah y'all), and helping your body build lean muscle mass (unlike running and similar cardio workouts)
  • HIIT makes your metabolism adapt in a way that uses fat as fuel. Fat. As. Fuel. I'd like to go ahead and sacrifice my saddlebags for fuel...
  • Unlike running
  • Oh yeah, and it's 100% free. You don't need a gym, equipment, or space to do HIIT .I do it in the tiny space between my bed and wall.
Here is some reading on HIIT
Shape's The Research Approved 20 Minute HIIT Workout
Huffington Post: HIIT is the Hottest Workout Trend for 2014- what it is and how it works
Men's Fitness: Everything You Need to Know About Interval Training

HIIT Refresher from MensFitness (visit their site for more cool infographs!)

Video for the day:

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  1. 1000000% yes to HIIT. i turned to HIIT when i realized my whore of a metabolism was old and crotchety and my old workouts just weren't cutting it anymore. besides, i have zero time for a long ass workout - i'd rather kill myself in 30-45mins and feel like death (and see amazing results faster!) than drag out a workout for 2+hrs. ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda


    1. While the mainstream fitness media still insists that aerobic
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      Well, the surprise findings showed the average fat loss for female
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  2. I believe in HIIT and when done RIGHT you feel as if you left your lung on the FLOOR. Yup .... leave it all on the floor and you will be thankful later because your body will transform before your every eyes! Thank you so much for being such a committed participant of WOW Link Up !!!!

    1. Thanks! I agree- I've caught myself not actually pushing that hard...because no one's watching... ugh!

  3. Reading this I don't think that I'd survive a single HIIT workout!

    1. You definitely can! There are all different levels/impacts/intensities on youtube!

  4. Thanks for sharing the great info and new youtube channel! Love finding new free workout sources :)

  5. I love doing HITT! It's fast, furious and intense!

    1. exactly!! the only thing better would be if there were a way to do this without sweating...or leaving the couch haha

  6. Love HIIT, but as a trainer I have to remind everyone not to overdo it! If you're working out at a true high intensity for you, you really shouldn't do HIIT workouts more than 2x a week. Thanks for the new links - excited to check them out :)

    1. Oh wow I didn't know that! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm about to do a Tabata workout right now, consisting of squat jumps and jumping jacks. Thanks for visiting WOW.

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