Essential Summer Runner Wardrobe Pieces

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oh hey, summer! I thought you forgot about us here in DC, but you showed up this week nice and strong with 90 degrees and about 100% humidity! And of course yesterday as I was moving a million boxes with no AC hooked up yet, you decided to crank up the humidity again. Of course you did. So here are my essential summer running items:

C9 Women's Running Short
$16 C9 by Champion Women's Running Shorts @ Target: Surprise- Target is number one on my list! I have had these shorts for years and they have endured hundred of miles running with me. They're durable and they don't ride up (big booty girls rejoice!). They run true to size and come in lots of colors.

$13 Under Armour Victory Tank Top: Under Armour how do I love thee, let me count the ways...sweat wicking technology, affordable prices, no chaffing, and you fit normal sized people. I love you, Under Armour. I order a lot of Under Armour gear via - it usually runs about 50% off.

Running Socks
$10 Saucony Women's Ultra Cushioned No Show Socks: $10 may seem steep for socks, but when it comes to running socks it's actually a bargain. Saucony is a trusted running brand, and the soft wicking material pulls sweat from your feet (ew have you ever finished a run and had PRUNY FEET IT IS DISGUSTING) which keeps your feet dry and prevents blisters and calluses and all that other beautiful stuff that comes with being a runner's foot. I prefer the cushioned socks for a little extra padding, but that's just me.

running tank
$16 New Balance Run Racerback Tank (2 panel): Another must-have from I like the semi-fitted nature of this shirt because it lets your midsection breathe a little more than with the tighter tanks.

Sports Bra
$7 C9 by Champion® Women's Reversible Compression Racer Bra: Again, Target. And again, a sports bra that has been with me for hundreds of miles and never let me down. Plus it's reversible. And it's sweat wicking for $7. I really don't have anything else to say.

Running T for a Cause
$15 New Balance Short Sleeve Pindot Tee: And again, via Susan G. Komen Foundation. A portion of the proceeds go to Susan G. Komen Foundation, plus it's a good running shirt!

Running Headband
$12 Athleta Running Headband: It wicks, it breathes, it stretches, and it keeps your hair out of your sweaty face while you're running. I like these headbands a lot because they also look pretty decently normal for running headbands. Also check out Jasmine from Fleurty and Fit's Etsy Store where she sells her Fleurty Bands- I bought this one- they have velvet on the underside so they stay in place! OBSESSED.

$24 Asshole Tank Tops: These aren't sweat wicking so I wouldn't actually wear them running due to the fact that I sweat like some kind of wild animal and I'm pretty sure I could possibly drown in my own sweat without the wicking material. Anyway, these are fun and I do love them.

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  1. I sweat more than an overweight man. It's kind of a problem. I can't wear white shirts ever.
    I am in desperate need for new sports bras and shorts and the cartwheel app has 15% off of both right now! I love Target!
    Have a great day love!

    1. OMG! I need to get into Cartwheel!! Thanks Meg!

  2. I had never heard of - thanks for the heads up!

    1. It's the best for workout clothes! They always have tons of clearance items

  3. Gotta love that weather lol! But you're all moved in and that's wonderful!!

  4. I've been looking for running shorts! I am totally going to try these. The ones I have seen.. seem really short.. And.. I just can't bring myself to try them on.
    These look PERFECT and how can you BEAT that PRICE?

    Run now Wine Later. **giggles** DC isn't SO FAR... We should meet up this summer.. RUN AND WINE TOGETHER!

    I am thinking with the haircut (I had to get a trim, so it grows in NICELY for the wedding.. silly hair) I am going to need a headband.. the layers come loose from the clippy.

    Happy Thursday!

    1. run and wine let's do it! And yess the headbands are perfect for layers and for crazy flyaway/frizzies

  5. You cannot imagine how happy I am that you posted those shorts. I was looking hugh and low for cute and not too plain running shorts ... that wont look too long on my short body. These will do. Already in the cart! Thanks!

  6. all great summer running essentials! I love the shorts, the colours are so cute.

  7. I have purchased that brand of Target running shorts in the past and love them! They hold up well. I sort of love Asshole tank tops too :)

  8. I live in those shorts and I love the Wine Later shirt! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Nice t-shirt to bear with shorts.... Bougie Blanche canada
    Thanks for sharing...!!!

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