Friday's Random Thoughts

Friday, June 27, 2014

Yall this summer has turned me into a total spaz- the combination of traveling and happy hours and outside fun things and heat (really this heat makes me feel like a crazy person, I'm like " I CANNOT COOL OFF I CANNOT FUNCTION). So while I usually stick to a strict schedule that includes time for blogging, said schedule has gone out the window and blogging and blog schedules and reading blogs and commenting and all that is just pretty random. Is this even making sense? Am I going crazy? Anyway the other day Kelly just let it all out so I thought maybe it could be somewhat therapeutic to get this tornado of randomness spinning around in my head down on paper (blogger template I mean?). So hop on the crazy train for a tour of insanity aka Lindsay's mind right now:

1. Why does Old Navy take 10 years to ship? Am I just spoiled by Amazon Prime or is this really taking forever?

2. I can't believe I bought a dress off Instagram then scored at the thrift store yesterday on my lunch break. I can't believe I go to the thrift store on my lunch break. My boss goes to Trader Joe's and comes back with bags of groceries during lunch, same thing I guess? I hate when people keep their groceries in our work fridge. Not as much as I hate when people don't replace the paper towel roll though.

3. Why was this breakfast smoothie so bad? I had to chew it.

4. Why am I thinking about cocktails at 8 am? More importantly, why does this happen every day?

5. World Cup makes me think of Europe. Why can't we have siestas? I'm tired of working. I would go crazy without a job though. And be broke(r). I need a vacation?

6. Wait next week is the 4th of July? There's no way

7. How many people are staying with us for the 4th? OH I want to make breakfast casseroles for them.

8. The Mall will be filled with tourists on the 4th do I want to deal with that? I should be a good host and take my friends to see the Mall on the 4th. I've never even done that myself. Why do people suddenly lose their minds and do really stupid things that defy all common sense when they are being tourists in DC? Is the metro going to be running? My quality of life has improved so much since living on the green line.

In the middle of the street though?

9. I'm so glad I ordered TWO sizes up for the Rent The Runway Dress for the wedding this weekend, is my butt really that big? Wait it's not because all the reviewers said they went 1-2 sizes up too.

10. The wedding this weekend is in Lancaster I bet I can score some Amish chocolate covered bacon. But can I score a super early check in at the hotel? Is saying Amish Bacon offensive? Is it Amish people or People who are Amish? Can you say The Amish or is that bad? Amish Americans? No?

11. Why is the hotel in Lancaster the same price as the hotel in Atlanta? Is Lancaster that hot of a destination spot?

12. Am I SO awkward that I literally make every situation awkward or are other people awkward too which makes situations awkward? Or am I just super sensitive to awkwardness?

13. I can't believe what an awkward toast I gave at the rehearsal dinner last week, why couldn't I stop saying the word "weird"? And why do I lose control of my hands when public speaking?

14. The food at the rehearsal dinner was so stinkin good last week, I wonder what was in that pasta dish? Crack?

15. I haven't had lima beans in probably a year. Weird remember college when I ate lima beans every day? And tuna. That was a weird time of life.

16. Aw look at those kids outside my office window- I think they're with a camp! Hi little nuggets!!! I love camp!!

17. Should I quit my job to be a camp director?

18. I miss being a teen camp director. I want to sing camp songs! I wonder if I remember all the words to Princess Pat. I'm going to look it up on youtube. OH the Spongebob song too!

19. OMG remember that ginger kid who was like 16 and in 7th grade so he could still come to our middle school day camp? He drove himself to camp. And once asked me to let him drive the camp bus because he has a license. He was literally 12 inches taller than the other boys. The girls were his height though. I was taller than all the boys forever, and now at a towering 5'4" haven't grown a millimeter since 5th grade. Ha.

20. HA remember when I used to drive a bus for camp. Scratch #17.

21. Is it time for my bachelorette party yet? I wonder how many people will actually be there.

22. I wonder if I could guess what my office mate is eating just by the mouth noises he makes.

23. Mouth noises make me gag.

24. I feel bad for being so unproductive in the summer. Wait but my friends who work for the government get paid twice as much as me and send me youtube videos all day so..?

25. Is it wrong to not even consider intern applications if they are sent from a hotmail address? Who does that anymore? And why are people sending me half filled out applications? Kids these days!

26. Why do some people suck to work with but are fun in real life? Like why do you think you can walk into my office while I'm on the phone and attempt to talk over me to my officemate to the point I can't hear the person on the other end? And why do some people think it's ok slosh yogurt around in their mouth as they are speaking? I mean really some people make me consider going back to #17- at least I could call people out because I was in charge, and I was helping teens learn to not grow up to be gross too. Wait why do I find it easier to work with teens than adults? Is that normal? Do people think I suck? Do I care if they think that?

27. Is Chris Brown going to stay in jail?

28. Why isn't TRL on anymore? Or is it and I'm just old and disconnected? Would Chris Brown be on TRL? Is Ryan Seacrest this generation's Carson Daily?

Remember this one? I think I cried.
29. I wish they would re-run old episodes of TRL, I would watch all of them. I would probably cry. Nostalgia's a bitch sometimes.

FYI I looked up the video. I still got it. This is a repeat after me song! Sidenote: we were waayyy more hype than this but you know..

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! What a great way to get the random thoughts out of your head. I absolutely LOVED this post. I wanna be your friend in real life. That is so awesome that you live in D.C. I loved living in that area. I feel like I wasted my time up there though. I didn't get out as much as I'd LOVE to right now. I took it for granted. So go and see the Mall for the 4th, girl! You''ll thank yourself later.

  2. This made me laugh out loud. I have many of these same thoughts. Daily.

    Also, I don't get the grocery shopping at lunch thing. It takes me FOREVER to complete my shopping! My pet peeve at work? Why, why, why can someone NOT replace the toilet paper roll. I mean, you unwrapped it but you cannot go that extra step to put it on the roll, so now it will just sit on the edge of the sink.

    1. RIGHT!! I am so with you. Just put it on the roll, people!

  3. I am dying lol!!! See.... Isn't it so therapeutic?!?! Our poor future husbands - they have no idea the messes they've just tossed themselves into. But seriously, I was laughing wayyy too hard at all of these lol! Happy Friday sweet gal :)

  4. Oh my - there is so much in this post!!! Hotmail - i'm surprised that still exists!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. haha love the random fact and I wish I had seen your toast! I'm sure it was more endearing than awkward

  6. This post.....honestly are you inside my brain right now? WHO USES HOTMAIL ANYMORE????? For real though.....girl when I'm hot and can't cool down and then that one random piece of hair is stuck to your arm and you can't locate it.....meltdown central. This post just made my day!

  7. hahaha what a hilarious post girl! i totally use hotmail but only because i'm too lazy to change everything and i really dont like gmails format. but hey you used rent the runway for this weekend ME too! except everyone said to size down for my dress and I ended up having to size up oops.

  8. There is so much to comment on here. First of mentioned a hotel in Atlanta. Do you travel to Atlanta? We can become IRL friends if you do! I lived there FOREVER and travel back there on occasion. It is only 2 hours from my house. I am actually going there on Tuesday to meet some family that is coming down from Pittsburgh.

    TRL TRL TRL!!! YES!!!!!! But only if they play the music that we listened to when TRL was a thing. Give me all the pre-crazy B Spears and NSYNC with curly haired JT and a not gay Lance.

  9. This made me LOL so much! Don't do the 4th on the mall unless you want to get there super early with a blanket and a cooler to get a good spot. And make sure you are on the right side of the Washington Monument so it doesn't block your view. Although it's kind of cool to see the fireworks behind the monument. And then definitely find a bar to hang out in until the crowds on the metro are all gone. Actually 4th of July on the mall isn't sounding like a bad idea!

  10. #12 and 13- hahaha!! I am the same!! #23- YES. A million times YES.

  11. haha love this post. And dont worry I think of cocktails in the morning too. If only it weren't taboo!

  12. Tuna and lima beans? Not so sure I could get on board with that!! I also hate when people go grocery shopping during lunch and then pack the word fridge. Get your two gallons of milk on your way home!

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