Wednesday Workout: New HIIT Obsession

Before I get into my newest youtube HIIT instructor obsession I have a vent/would really appreciate some advice:

 Last week I mentioned feeling like Old Navy takes 10 years to ship, and yesterday I was like this is just unreal let me do a little detective work and long story short, this is the 2nd thing to get stolen from my porch (the first was Andi's dog gate! who does that??) and Old Navy has awesome customer service. Anyone else have this problem/have advice for this? I can't have packages delivered to my office and Harrison rarely goes to his office (the joys of being a realtor!) so we don't have that option.

Ok anyway after this situation I needed to work off some rage, and what better way to do that than an intense HIIT workout? Youtube had Millionaire Hoy listed as a channel I would like so I checked him out- oh Youtube you know me so well! He has a 6 day HIIT challenge where each day focuses on something different (full body, lower body, upper body, abs, plyo, max cardio, etc).

My thoughts: I have been doing his videos every other day and mixing it up with running, yoga and barre and let me tell you- whoa! It's great! The videos are really challenging, usually after the 15th minute I'm like "ok this is almost too easy" and every time I say that to myself he kicks it up about 10 notches and I feel like death (death to fat that is) by the end. He offers some modifications and you can always see which exercise is next. I also really like his variety of exercises, they are completely different and new to me which definitely helps by keeping it interesting. There's no yelling/awkward comments (cough cough Jillian Michaels) which I appreciate.

Also sidenote: just like I do with everything I went into total research mode and all his social media profiles say "husband and father" first which makes me like him even more. I know I'm suuuch a weinie.

Here are the first 3 out of 6 days of the challenge videos, find the rest on his youtube channel here:

What do you think of his videos? Who are your favorite youtube fitness instructors? 

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  1. I think I love you. I love workout videos for when I can't go in to the gym!! Or when I feel the need to get rid of some extra angst (read: fat) (re read: Angry Fat?) HA!

    HIIT is amazing.

    I can't wait for TABATA tomorrow.

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  2. ummmm so doing these tonight as i'm too lazy to go for a run.
    also for reals? we had a mail stealing problem (stupid teenagers) but i get packages delivered to my office (which you cant) or my mother in laws house. do you have anyones house you can use for deliveries? i mean, you can't NOT shop online, you know?!

  3. I think I may have to check this out tonight as it is waaaaaay too hot to run. I LOVE HIIT workouts so this seems right up my alley. #wowlinkup

  4. I have never heard of him but will definitely check him out. I don't really do workouts from YT anymore but it does sound like an excellent alternative. OMG why are folks stealing stuff from your porch? That is horrible. #wowlinkup

  5. Hummm he's kinda a cutie! I love HIIT workouts I will have to it out!!! XOXO Laurie~ #wowlinkup

  6. I have to try these on my non gym days for sure!!! Thanks for this!

  7. I love YouTube videos - they are so great. I haven't tried his so definitely going to check it out!! About your packages that really stinks!! Would it be worth it for you to set up a PO Box and just your mail delivered there? Or can they not do packages?

  8. Oh yesss! I LOVE HIIT and haven't tried a new channel in awhile. Thanks for sharing! #wowlinkup

  9. Thanks for sharing the link!! Bookmarked :)

  10. Shut the front door... I would have to knock some teeth out if people were stealing my stuff of my front porch lol! You should stage a package being delivered, watch and wait in the bushes, then ATTACK the porch stealer! I totes would do that. LOL!

  11. Here you are talking about work outs and here I am skipping my work out this morning due to lack of sleep. Drat. Now I feel the need to go kick butt!

  12. i usually use fitness blender for my HIIT workouts. i've never heard of this guy before, but thanks for talking about him. his videos look great! i'm definitely going to try these out!

  13. You know I have never thought about doing the youtube video workouts. Of course, I wouldn't start with I hate not feeling like I can trust people. I know that we arrange to pick packages up. usually you can do them early in the morning or late at night. I hope you find a solution.

  14. I will have to check these out! I have started doing more workout videos so these could be great - thanks for the recommendations!!

  15. Thanks so much for spreading the word!!! I don't think anyone has ever written about me before - I feel like I just got the cover of the NY Times! Thanks so much!!!
    PS - Sorry about your stolen goodies :(

  16. Awesome, thanks for the tip! Always looking for good HIIT alternatives! :)

  17. I haven't heard of his channel before but they look like great workouts. That he stopped by to comment is really cool too!! Sorry about the packages being stolen. What about a P.O. Box? Or a friend, neighbor or family member that lives close by?

  18. Love these HIIT workout ideas! I can't believe you had packages stolen...I've always wondered if that happens. Hope they ship the thief someplace far away! Visiting from #wowlinkup :)

  19. Oh yes! I needed some new Youtube workout videos. LOL at death to fat! And that really sucks about your packages. What the heck?!


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