16 Water Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 16 Water for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I had the opportunity to try this new water brand out of South Korea. Yes, you heard me right- South Korea. Harrison and I have been on an organic/grass-fed/all-natural kick since watching scary docs on Netflix, so I was excited to try this water. Plus, this is the #1 water brand in South Korea and is huge in Japan and I’m big on FOMO.
This water is naturally purified through 16 layers of volcanic rock on Mt. Halla, an active volcano off the coast of the tropical island Jeju. So, what are the benefits of drinking water that comes from a volcano?
  • Mt. Halla has been designated by the UN as a World Natural Heritage site
  • Passing through 16 layers of volcanic bedrock, 16 water is naturally purified without stripping away essential minerals (see pix below).
  • By “letting nature do the work”, 16 is mineral-rich
  • The water has gone through no processing
  • The water has gone through zero synthetic enhancement
  • This unique filtration process gives you the soft taste while still containing minerals your body needs
  • Mt. Halla is the perfect environment for water purification and fortification—there are few places on earth that can naturally purify water while maintaining the mineral richness of 16.
My thoughts:
I’m not big on paying for something that I can get for free out of my sink. I don’t even own a Brita, so this is a hard sell for me. I do appreciate the extra minerals, and I’m not gonna lie, I was definitely expecting a nasty after taste after reading how naturally filtered and mineral-packed this is. But lo and behold there was no aftertaste and no taste at all really (see: bedrock filtration).
So all in all, if I’m going to drink bottled water I’ll drink this. The taste, the naturalness and organicness is something I really appreciate.
16 Water is one convenient click away from your doorstep, so if you're looking for a quality, mineral-packed bottled water head to their Amazon retail page to Get your 16 Water on Amazon now 16 Water on
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  1. I'm with you - it is very hard to buy bottled water but every once and a while when I am out I need to grab one if I have forgotten my water bottle. There are some waters that leave an awful after taste so it is nice to hear this one doesn't have that!

  2. Loved your review!!! That's really funny that you don't own a Brita. Funny because I won't buy a water filter system like that. I have one only because my best friend bought it for me. Haha! Thankfully I have one on my fridge. I just buy filters once every 3-4 months.

  3. I usually just rely on my Brita, but sometimes keep bottled water for when I'm on the go. I've never heard of this brand before but it's nice to know that it's easy to order since there is no mineral-y after-taste!

  4. Interesting! Soooo international Lindsay, SK water hehe. Luckily my roommate has a Brita, but I usually end up getting a few bottled waters for my desk at work.

  5. have never heard of this! thanks for sharing :)

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