My Home Gym Essentials (on my budget)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Instead of paying a zillion dollars/month for a gym membership that I would probably use 3 times/month because I can find way too many excuses, I got myself a few supplies to have my own gym at home where I can do free youtube videos with a very limited amount of excuses. These are some of the the best additions I have in my home "gym" (aka basement):

***PS if you're like me and you hate going to the actual store because you end up buying 10 million extra things on accident, Target now has a $25 minimum for free shipping. I mean. When I go INTO Target I blackout and spend over $100 every single time. This is magical for myself and my bank account.

Adjustable Dumbbells:

Other options: Walmart's Gold's Gym 40 lb Adjustable Dumbbells $35, Amazon's Gold's Gym 40 lb Adjustable Weight Set

Light handweights:

Other options: Target's 5 lb Neon Weights $7.99 , Marhsall's/TJ Maxx/Ross always have good deals on dumbbells too.

Yoga Mat:
(Confession: I am bougie about this. I'm so sweaty that I slip and slide all over the place. This yoga mat was a gift and honestly I would pay the price to get the same one again for the sweat wicking and the padding- Lululemon is expensive a f*ck but they make some DAMN GOOD PRODCUTS). 

Here are some other more affordable options:

Other options: Target $16.99, Amazon's Top Seller $35.00, Shopping in-store check TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Ross and Nordstrom Rack

Kettlebell Set (note: these are my wish list products)

Other option: Target 3 Piece Kettlebell Set $43.00, Amazon's top selling kettlebells $33-$100.

These are my necessities - anyone else work out at home? What am I missing? 
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  1. I'm super spoiled with a really nice home gym (elliptical, treadmill, bike, weights and a TV under my control) ... I know not everyone has the $$ and/or space for that. Hubs and I built up the gym slowly over the years, investing in one "big" purchase each year. It has been worth the investment for ME, as I would rarely go out to a gym ... but have no excuses not popping down to the basement. But really, like you said, just having some dumbells and Youtube/DVDs can work wonders! I'm super thrifty too, and here in Utah, there are many free Zumba classes offered at local churches. I do go out to those ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I so much rather work out at home so I'll be adding these items to my list :)

  3. I work out at home as well! I wish I would have gotten the adjustable dumbells. they are more of a cost up front...but save you a ton in the long run! Anyone just starting out needs to know that!!!

    I have dumbells (4 different weight amounts), a yoga mat, some yoga blocks (even thought I dont do yoga anymore really), an exercise ball, and a resistance band. I also just got a treadmill this weekend, but that was a long time coming! Going to the gym just isn't convenient for me. There is no excuse with all these free you tube videos! You dont even need anything for some of them. Body weight exercises are good too!

  4. This is so helpful, thanks for the deals!! I don't have a ton of space to workout at home, but I do need to buy some new weights. I wish I could buy one of those $70-90 yoga mats because they really do work...I'm always sliding on mine! #wowlinkup

  5. Maybe some resistance bands or a stability ball?

  6. i have a yoga mat and 2 10lb weights. womp womp. lol. my gym is only $10 a month, but i am probably going to quit soon and join my hubby's so we can work out together- his is only like $15 a month. that yoga mat is outrageously priced, but seriously i slip so much on mine i'm considering it.

  7. Lululemon is expensive but they are now at Towson Mall and I am excited. Their clothes are awesome and so is their equipment. Very much worth the money. Glad to have you back with us in our link up!!! #wowlinkup

  8. I love having a home gym. I totally agree on the weights and yoga mat. I have a 15 pound kettlebell set, and free weights. I have an elliptical and treadmill to help with cardio too.

  9. A foam roller and gliding discs would complete your list, IMO. #wowlinkup

  10. A foam roller, and maybe a resistance band? I am not sure how much the latter costs, but doesn't seem like a lot of material

  11. I am SO glad you posted this. I needed some ideas on where to buy weights for inside the house. There's no way I'm cleaning out the garage in THIS weather. And as always, LOVE your blog girl.

  12. I think I have those exact handweights!! I just purchased a yoga mat and Im so excited!!

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  14. I totally agree. I can't live without my hand weights and kettlebells :) #wowlinkup

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