Lunch for the week: BLT Turkey Wraps 4 Ways

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Did anyone else live on Jimmy John's in college? My dorm was right across the street, I could SMELL that fresh ass bread from my dorm room - and oooh that bread!! The 40 cent day-old bread!!! It was all so wonderful. I also gained a smooth 15 lbs that year which was not so wonderful.

Anyway, recently some friends (ironically from that dorm) recently turned me on to Jimmy John's un-wiches. Now, I don't really like to do food in a way it's not supposed to be done i.e. lettuce wraps instead of sandwiches- those definitely belong on Whole30's Sex With Your Pants On list and I am not cool with it. HOWEVER, something about Jimmy Johns' unwich is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Is it the lettuce? Is it the way it's perfectly wrapped? Is it the meat? I don't know but they inspired me to try my own lettuce wraps as lunch for the week: 

Servings: 5
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins

  • 1 and a half pack deli turkey (Whole Foods has some paleo friendly deli turkey) ($8)
  • 5 slices uncured bacon, cooked and crumbled ($5)
  • 2 tomatoes, sliced thin ($2)
  • 10 slices red onion, chopped ($.10)
  • 1 head iceberg lettuce ($2) (sidenote: iceberg lettuce always reminds me of when I worked in a middle school in Rhode Island and the cafeteria ladies used to say "Get your vegetables! Gotta get your veggies!" and load the kids' (and my) plates with crispy iceberg lettuce. Kind of makes me nostalgic but also glad my life is in a place where my main food groups no longer consist of Goldfish, iceberg lettuce, and Naragannsett beer.)

Optional spins to put on the wraps (I'm trying them all this week):
  • Garlic hummus (oopsies not paleo but I gotta live a little)
  • Avocado, cilantro, lime juice and jalapeno
  • Dipped in my favorite vinaigrette
Place a square of aluminum foil on the counter. Place 2 big leaves of lettuce on the foil (more lettuce than you think - lesson learned from Jimmy John's. And the greener the better). Layer 2 pieces of turkey onto the lettuce, top with tomatoes, bacon, and optional toppings. Now roll it Chipotle style. For those of you who don't frequent my favorite fancy burrito establishment, here's a picture example: 

Roll it tightly in the foil. Repeat 5 times. Keep in the fridge, grab and go every morning!

Do you do lettuce wraps? What is your favorite?


  1. Lettuce wraps are da'SHIT! Just saying - Love this. I may pick up a head of iceberg for my chicken salad.

    1. Yessss! Yum I'm going to do this with chicken salad too great idea!

  2. Oh how I love Jimmy John's un-whiches. And their bread too, obviously!!! Mmmmmmmm

  3. sounds delish!

    p.s. We don't have Jimmy John's out here, though. :(

  4. ooohhhh looks amazing--- LOVE lettuce wraps… PF changs is another fave of mine

  5. Those wraps look great good! Nice pack and go lunch...

  6. One of my all time fav lunches... mmmm bacon! Love that it's healthier as a lettuce wrap. Win win :)

  7. You know I had never even heard of Jimmy John's until this year? And then it was only because they came into my job offering us free sandwiches (!). I've never tried a lettuce wrap but it looks delish!

  8. Those sound fantastic. I really need to try this. I did once at red robin with the burger and I cannot complain. So why not with my sandwich?

  9. Mmm these sounds so delicious and I love the easiness of it!!

  10. Oh boy... I need to try one of Jimmie John's first and then try your recipe!

  11. I love lettuce wraps! Chicken salad would be so good too.

  12. The lettuce as the wrap makes so much sense. Bet it still tastes great!

  13. this is genius and it makes me mad i didn't think of this before, hehe.

  14. My prob with lettuce wraps is that I can eat like seven of them, and I'm still hungry an hour and a half later. So I've consumed all the phosphates and sodium nitrates in the lunch meat, and I'm still hungry... But you know me, I'm all about eating food the way it was meant to be eaten. Which doesn't include lunch meat. And white bread doesn't count! (But DANG does it smell good! Your comment made me laugh!) What can I say, I'm annoying like that.

  15. Love lettuce wraps!! I'm doing whole 30 (gasp!!) and these are perfect!!

  16. I love me some lettuce wraps!!! The best!

  17. Do they not get soggy with the tomatoes?


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