#30DayEducationChallenge: Day 30 How to be an anti-racist

Day 30- we're on the final day! If you've completed the challenge, you've taken an important step in the fight against racism and now have a responsibility to act. For our last day we are listening to Ibram X. Kendi discuss how to be an antiracist t Unlocking Us With BrenĂ© Brown. Kendi is a historian, leader in the antiracism movement, author of four best selling books,  the Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities, Founding Director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research, a contributor writer at The Atlantic and a CBS News correspondent, and a  Frances B. Cashin Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for the Advanced Study at Harvard University.

Kendi explains that the opposite of racist isn't "not racist", it's anti-racism. It's not enough to simply not be a racist, we have to actively fight racism. There is work to do on ourselves and constant self evaluations and criticism required to uproot racism - you in?

đŸ”— Links:
BrenĂ© with Ibram X. Kendi on How to Be an Antiracist via Unlocking Us

Reflection Questions (discuss with your group, join the conversation on Instagram, journal):

  1. What is something new you learned?
  2. What is something that surprised you?
  3. Why is constant reflection and self-criticism required to be an antiracist?
  4. What can you commit to in working to be an antiracist?

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