Sunday Reading List 8.9.2020

Sunday, August 9, 2020

What's Wrong With the Mail (Vox): The forthcoming USPS collapse - an explainer.

Liberty University poured millions into its football program. Now its Black players are leaving (Slate): Amazing to see young athletes making incredibly tough decisions to take a stand for what is right. No big surprise that Black athletes are not responding well to University President Jerry Falwell Jr.'s far-right ideals. This is an interesting deep dive into how the athletics program went from zero to winning one of the top football recruits in the US. (Today it was announced that Jerry Falwell Jr. will be taking a forced leave of absence, not because of this though.)

Beirut Protesters Demand Government Overhaul (WaPo): Thousands of protestors took to Beirut's streets to demand government officials' withdrawal. Lebanon has a complicated governing history outlined here.

"Woke-Washing" Your Company Won't Cut It (HBR): As companies rush to speak up about BLM, if they don't put actions behind their words they put themselves at as much risk as if they had not spoken up. Action steps to make sure your company goes beyond woke-washing.

45's Allies Supporting Ye's Campaign (NYT): 45's fanbase is staunchly voting for him, there's no changing their minds, but Kanye West's campaign has the potential to split the Biden vote and secure a win for 45. His associate's aren't even trying to hide their agenda. My friend put it perfectly here:

How the Shift to Remote Work Will Change Everything (The Atlantic): Interesting predictions on the fringe effects of working from home. 

The War on Frats (NYT): Big numbers of white fraternity and sorority members are withdrawing their memberships in light of racist claims, lack of action around educating their members, and 'gag orders' on members. 

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