Sunday Reading List 10.25.2020

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Hope everyone is hanging in there. Quick PSA to please, please early vote or drop off you ballot at a ballot box or your election spot (a lot of sources are saying it's too risky to mail this late in the game). Early voting matters so much because let's be real, who knows what's going to go down on election day (remember the primaries when they closed the doors on Kentucky voters?), and there are a lot of people who can only take time to vote on Election Day. See y'all out there.

Now onto the reading list.

What's Up With 45's Claim That He's Done More for Blacks Than Any Prez Since Lincoln (WaPo) Some people have come at me with this claim for awhile now 🙄. Here are the #facts referenced by historians as well as a breakdown of what he has "done for Black people". PS remember the 30 Day Education Challenge where we learned that Lincoln was actually kind of trash? 

What If the Goal Was Friendships and Not Marriages (The Atlantic) I just loved this read.

93% of Black Lives Matter Protests Are Peaceful (Time) And other #facts about 2020 protests.

How To Inspire Your Team Through a Crisis Without Toxic Positivity (Fast Company) As an eternal optimist, toxic positivity has been a big lesson for me in 2020.

Startbucks Will Link Executive Pay to Diversity (CNN) $$ where the mouth is, we love to see it.

The Summer That Started With George Floyd and Ended With Breonna Taylor (Medium) A powerful look into the Summer of 2020.

The Liberal Election is Happening on IG (Axios) Not surprising that Facebook, where the parents/grandparents live, is the conservative playground. While IG has all the liberal posts, these posts have way more engagement than the ones on FB. Interesting stats. Data nerds tune in!

Crocs Are Back (WSJ) If you know me, you know I've been on Crocs sandals for years. YEARS - and you likely got the sandals after I forced you to try mine on! The arch support and the full sensory experience from the textured sole is like no other sandal out there. Guess at least 2020 is the year that saved Crocs from going out of business 🤷‍♀️

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