11 Newsletters to Keep You Learning & Doing the Work (newsletters on race and equity)

Monday, December 14, 2020

A major concern I have heard (and felt myself) is that with Joe Biden's win, white liberals will go back to their comfy routines and the action will stop. It's crucial to keep learning, stay aware of the issues, and to continue to take action. One thing that has been helpful for me is newsletters - instead of scrolling when I wake up in the morning I read through a few newsletters. These are my favorites that keep me updated on race, equity, and current events (note - I never make it through them all, and I've heard from friends that these newsletters are great for late night feedings with new BBs).

Fortune has some great regular newsletters, these are my favs (subscribe to any by selecting them here):

  • RaceAhead is a weekly newsletter about DEI in the workplace.
  • Broadsheet is a daily newsletter that shares stories about powerful women in business, and the things that impact us.
  • CEO Daily rounds up everything you need to know happening in corporate America, and often leads with a write-up on leadership (which more often than not includes CEOs' stances on DEI initiatives).   

Anti-Racism Daily provides daily actions to dismantle white supremacy. 

New York Times Race/Related explores the ways race impacts our daily lives.

Washington Post About Us explores identity in America through race and political movements. 

Teen Vogue Take: Teen Vogue has emerged as the wokest teen mag out there in 2020 and their daily newsletter highlights current news, history lessons, and hot takes centered around social justice. Meanwhile as a teen I skipped the articles to swoon over pix of Devon Sawa and Usher. Good for these teens. 

The Betches Sup is a sarcastically hilarious take on the daily news.

Rebekah Gienap's Raising Kid Activists newsletter is a great parent resource. Last week's emails included a guide for addressing kids' stereotypes and a list of ten resources for an activist family.

Politico's Weekly Education: COVID Edition dives into news around education policy and politics. https://www.politico.com/newsletters/weekly-education

The HBR Hotlist: a weekly collection of HBR's most popular stories, usually includes 3-4 stories on being an inclusive leader. I also recommend subscribing to the Management Tip of the Day.

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