2020.3.14 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, March 14, 2021

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When Something Breaks, Moms Pick Up the Pieces. What Happens When Moms Break? (Glamour): Vote πŸ‘for πŸ‘ people πŸ‘ who πŸ‘will πŸ‘ fix πŸ‘ this!

No, the Tuskegee Study Is Not the Top Reason Black Americans Question the COVID-19 Vaccine (KQED): It's bigger. 

The Sexist Things Women are Taught to Believe Are Normal (Buzzfeed): Reading this had me like "oh damn that IS messed up that I believe that". It runs deep.

TW: next article contains miscarriage

The High Cost of Miscarriage is Emotional AND Financial (Health): My own experience cost in the thousands. And getting the bill in the mail weeks later was brutal. I'm glad this is being talked about.

The Fall of Armie Hammer (Vanity Fair): I.can't.stop.following.this.

The Empty Religions of Instagram (NY Times): Are IG influencers the modern day televangelists? 

An Ode to my White “Friends” on Being Better to Black Womxn (Medium): Five clear steps to take to be a better ally.

Marketers Are Underpaying Black Influencers While Pushing BLM (Bloomberg): Why are Black creators paid significantly less even when they have higher follower counts, higher engagement and better conversions?

How Leaders Can Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity (Entrepreneur): 2021 human capital trends are saying we need to laser focus on employee well-being. This includes helpful plans to implement at our workplaces. 

A Look at Conservatorships (New Republic): Conservatorships can get dark, especially if you live with a disability. 

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