2021.05.16 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, May 16, 2021


I want to acknowledge what is happening between Israel and Palestine right now, and while I spent time this weekend learning about the conflict (a topic I have embarrassingly little knowledge on) I don't feel like I have a good enough grasp to share an article or facilitate discussions around the topic. It is an incredibly nuanced situation and I recommend listening to multiple voices and reading multiple sources before jumping to a conclusion on either side. 

With that, here's what I'm reading this week:

Stop telling women they have impostor syndrome (HBR): It's not always impostor syndrome when the system is designed to keep certain people out, and putting the onus on women to fix it is not it. 

11 moments from Asian-American history you should know (Time): This article is a semester worth of history, I learned so much. I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't realize how specifically targeted Asians were in recent history - please read the whole article!

What is up with Colombia's violent protests and how did we get here? (ABC News): 42 people are dead and hundreds more injured - years of inequity led to this. 

There is no comparison between the Colonial Pipeline hack and Election Fraud (USA Today): tbh I was just trying to understand how a pipeline got hacked when I stumbled upon this article which explains HOW and then goes into a conspiracy theory that is floating around social media tying this to election fraud.

New friendships formed in the pandemic are here to stay (The Lily): Got a little emotional reading this thinking about the friendships I have that were strengthened during the pandemic - interesting to see why this happened.

The reason behind the misinformation epidemic in mom groups (Mother Jones): Our government has truly sh*t the bed in supporting parents, and this is a result. 

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