I get a lot of questions about podcasts on race so wanted to share this list of some that are in my regular rotation that have taught me something - whether it's lessons on history, culture society, or generally how race affects our day to day. I put on podcasts when I'm walking the dogs, cooking, cleaning, in transit- I love a good podcast. 

*Friendly reminder that white allies need to continue our learning journey even though it's no longer a trending hashtag.*

Code Switch: Each week the hosts discuss a race topic that impacts society. I love how they bring in different viewpoints and do an amazing job breaking down complex topics. Listen in any order.
Gateway episode: Who's Black Enough for Reparations? 

Still Processing: This New York Times culture podcast dives into all things culture. Listen in any order.
Gateway episode: Lil Nas X Isn't Sorry or 'Before I Let Go'

Throughline: This podcast explores the history behind major news headlines. Not always about race but often is. Listen in any order.
Gateway episode: The Land of the Free or The Invention of Race

Natal: This docuseries style podcast investigates the high mortality rate among Black mothers through stories of parents, frontline workers, researchers, and advocates. Listen in order.
Gateway episode: One - Myeshia's Story

Floodlines: This 10 episode series tells the story of Hurricane Katrina, one of the most misunderstood events of our time, that *surprise* disproportionately impacted poor Black folks. Listen in order.
Gateway episode: Antediluvian 

Come Through with Rebecca Carroll: Author and podcaster Rebecca Carroll takes us through 15 essential cultural conversations via interviews with authors, artists, politicians, activists, and critics. Listen in any order.
Gateway episode: Gabrielle Union is Raising Black Daughters and Learning as She Goes (I cried 3 times in this episode)

United States of Anxiety: A look at how society's choices today tie to our history. Lots of interesting topics to get into with this one. Listen in any order.
Gateway episode: Why Cops Don't Change

Reveal: This Peabody award winning podcast takes deep dives into current events. Listen in any order.
Gateway episode: Monumental Lies

Truer Crime: This true crime podcast tells true crime stories but also digs into the surrounding context of society, the laws, the history, and how our beliefs shape our perceptions of the cases. 
Gateway episode: Relisha Rudd (this is the most compassionate and informational take on the case I have ever heard)

On Our Watch: After a new transparency law unsealed tons of police internal affairs files, NPR and KQED used these to take a deep look into police accountability and discipline. Not specifically about race but important in understanding policing in America (which disproportionately impacts Black and brown communities). Listen in any order.
Gateway episode: Perceived Threat

Scene on Radio's "Seeing White" series: This series within the podcast looks into the history of whiteness, how white supremacy came to be, and the roles of sexism and patriarchy in our race structure. Listen in order.
Gateway episode: Seeing White Part 1

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: These 15-20 minute episodes are designed for kids but let's face it, when it comes to women in history we probably need to start at their level since many of these women were conveniently left out of our history classes. Inspiring women tell the stories of inspiring women in history. Listen in any order.
Gateway episode: Madam CJ Walker's Story read by Poorna Jagannathan

Podcasts on Race in America

Monday, July 19, 2021