2021.09.12 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, September 12, 2021


Sunday Reading List is back after a summer hiatus! Here's what I'm reading:

The impact of 9/11 defense contracting on D.C. neighborhoods (DCist): Spoiler alert - it hit Black communities the hardest.

Black professors push a major state university to confront racism (WaPo): What Black faculty face at state universities and what we need to do to change. 

Related: my friend's PhD dissertation defense "When They See Us: A Multiple Case Study to Understand Recruitment and Retention of Black Faculty at Predominantly White Institutions"

Why you should pet your dog before you leave the house (Upworthy): If the science says!

Inside the Miss Navajo Nation pageant (Glamour): Love this version of a pageant and learning about the Navajo culture.

What is the best decade of our lives? (YouGovAmerica): Dives into a poll asking Americans what they believe the best years of their lives are (real into my 30s right now).

The pandemic has unleashed a war on women (The Guardian): We have focused a lot on women's unemployment as a result of the pandemic, but the reality for women around the world is much darker.

The Great Resignation doesn't have to detract from your company's DEI efforts (HBR): Six practical ways to keep DEI centered as we navigate mass resignations.

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