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The Teachers Are Not Ok (Education Week): The list of things teachers are expected to adapt to and plan around has grown exponentially over the last few years (standardized tests, online learning, policies governing what can and can't be taught, new technology, etc), yet we haven't improved their resources or pay. This article explores why the teachers aren't ok and the structural changes needed to fix it. Spoiler alert: it's not yoga and self care.

Five Practices to Make Your Hybrid Workplace Inclusive (HBR): Practical advice we can all apply to our every day work as we adjust to this new normal.

The Quiet Crisis of Parents on Tenure Track (The Chronicle of Higher Education): An interesting look at the policies that shape academia, and what it means for women's advancement in the higher ed world.

The Real Reason Black Mothers Are Being Pushed to Breastfeed (The Cut): This was not at all what I thought it was going to be. 

The Link Between Happiness and a Sense of Humor (The Atlantic): The actual science behind humor, and how we can use these lessons to increase our happiness.

Young, Pregnant, and Unvaccinated (WaPo): Pregnant women are at a higher risk for COVID and experience devastating effects when they get it, yet only 33% of us are vaccinated. The lack of data that led to us getting here. (note: The CDC and ACOG now endorse vaccination for all who are pregnant; the WHO recommends it when the benefits “outweigh the potential risks.”)

Couch Guy and the Nightmare of Going Viral (Vox): What drew us all into the Couch Guy saga and how it got so big.

2021.10.17 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, October 17, 2021