2021.11.14 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, November 14, 2021


As the days get shorter and colder and seasonal depression sets in, a friendly reminder for us to seek help when we need it and to set the boundaries we need to take care of ourselves. Sending everyone love this week.

TW - suicide. The Veterans Are Not OK (WaPo): 17 military members die by suicide daily. The challenges vets face in trying to get help.

Ending the Motherhood Penalty (TLNT): This defines the motherhood penalty in the workplace and gives specific examples of how to create a better workplace for mothers.

Door Dash Driver Reveals the Impact of Not Tipping (Daily Dot): The tipping feels so extra on top of the 10000 other fees on the delivery apps, but this article gets into how your food gets picked up and delivered, and how the tip plays into when you get your food.

No One Cares! (The Atlantic): The overvalue we place on others' opinions of us, and how to escape the trap of caring too much. 

The Sexfluencers (Vox): Now that sex work has gone mainstream with OnlyFans and other social media, where do sex workers stand?

Big oil is making violence against Native women worse (The Lily): The link between resource extraction and violence against Indigenous women is so widely documented that Canada is exploring a recommendation that before a resource development project is approved, it must be assessed for the risks it poses to Indigenous women and LGBTQ individuals. Should the US follow the same?

The Personality Profile of Psychologically Healthy People (Psychology Today): The traits that make greater well-being and how we can use this information to impact our own well-being (even if we don't possess all these traits directly).

The Psychology Behind Meeting Overload (HBR): What leads us to attend more meetings than we should, and strategies to overcome.

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