2022.9.11 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, September 11, 2022



The Enduring Legacy of 9/11 (Pew Research Center): Two decades later, how 9/11 has shaped us. This article looks at data that explains the emotional toll, public opinion impact, military operations, how it changed our view of terrorism, and how treatment of Muslims became a partisan issue.

Nurseries are closing in American hospitals, here's why that's bad (Parents): An interesting take on the adverse affects of the "baby friendly" hospital movement (personal note: I had my baby in a baby friendly hospital and he spent his first week in the NICU. While NICU is not the way any parent wants to start, after a birth filled with complications the rest I was able to get during that week was probably the most important factor in my healing. IMO nurseries need to be an option so birthing parents can have an opportunity to sleep and heal).

Building a better restaurant bathroom (Eater): A fascinating look at what makes a restaurant bathroom good, and features to make bathrooms more inclusive and functional for all. 

A divorce trend that may reshape marriage forever (Psychology Today): The divorce rate for 50-70 year olds is at an all-time high. This article discusses what is behind the trend and steps we can take to ensure our marriages are not "on life support" by this time.

Why Mormons reacted so strongly to the racist BYU volleyball event (Slate): A look at the history of race in the LDS church, and how the Mormon community has responded to the racist BYU volleyball event.

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