Happy Hour at Cafe Citron

Friday, August 23, 2013

Average Drink Price: $5
Service: See below
Good for Groups: Yes! Room at the upstairs and downstairs bar, couches downstairs, and plenty of tables upstairs. Happy hour is available anywhere in the restaurant
Mood: Chill Party Mode- could go either way.

This is officially the Summer of the Mojito for me, so the mojito tour continued this week at Cafe Citron in Dupont. We got a table for our eight person group and were able to chat and enjoy each other while we went through two (or three?) $30 mojito pitchers. The mojitos were amazing and perfectly refreshing as we escaped the 90 degree heat. I came here for National Margarita Day last year (yeah yall, that's a thing) when they were selling shitty sour margaritas for $4.00. They burned my stomach enough that I'll never order margs here again. One of the girls got a quesadilla which was...well, a really basic quesadilla that reminded me of Applebee's. We also got the guacamole which is NOT on happy hour special. Our server was fine, I think she had a lot of tables? But we spent a lot of time waiting to order refills which is not cool. We all paid and a few people left, which was when chaos ensued.

Something went wrong with the tip or the computer system or something and the owner came out and asked us for our cards back to have us repay. Everyone was (kind of drunk?) angry and going off about how they aren't going to let her charge us twice for our drinks. The owner was seriously seriously heated (for her mistake?) and started yelling in Spanish. Thankfully one of our Latina Heat Waves was with us and gave it right back to her in Spanish (does anyone else get nervous when people are yelling in Spanish? why does it always sound so angry?), then my friend informed us that it was fine give her the cards, then the owner brought back shots of tequila. I may never know what went down in that fight, or really even who won, but tequila transcends all languages so it was fine. It was a little stressful for happy hour, and tequila shots are a little intense (my college self would never believe I'm saying this) for happy hour, or really life in general, but whatever. The mojitos were good enough and priced right and my bank account was only charged once so I'll be back for happy hour. Moral of the story: if you want to save money, drink your pitchers and leave right after you pay. The others in our group didn't get charged at all.

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