Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bachelorette Party Dilemma. Slash Bridal Dilemma.

Well you can bet your money I'm not getting a single thing done at work today, because tonight at approximately 8:30 pm I will be hitting the road to ATLANTIC CITY for my bachelorette party!! If you haven't heard, Atlantic City is basically shutting down, I halfway expect to arrive to this:

Which is fine because we have a group of 20 girls (well 19 girls + Tonii) who are going to have a blast no matter what. I am so excited- we're staying at the Tropicana which is right on the beach and has tons of bars and restaurants inside of it so we never have to leave (can you imagine the nightmare of taxiing 20 girls across town?).

Anyway, onto the conundrum.
Me: Ok absolutely no tiaras, no sashes, no penises, nothing cheesy. I refuse.
Friends: Yeah we hate all that too.
Me: Ok good
Friends: Wait nothing else for bachelorette parties exists outside of penises, tiaras, and sashes.

We have encountered this problem in looking at all kinds of wedding things- not only do I despise tiaras and sashes, but pink makes me want to throw up as do all things cheesy such as the phrase "fling before the ring!" and shirts that say "Future Mrs. _____" on the back. I just can't. It's fine for other people and I'll have a great time participating in this stuff, but it's not me at all.

However, since this wedding is costing approximately a million dollars, and half the crowd is flying to get to the party I DO want random people to buy us stuff. But how would they know we were a bach party unless I was wearing a penis on my head or a tiara?

Not ones to complain without a solution, my friend Maggie and I decided we should start an Etsy Shop called "Bridal Sh*t" with the tagline not your basic wedding supplies or something along those lines. It would include classic girly wedding stuff but with a twist that everyone can appreciate (and sorry but no pink). And of course anything Beyonce because, Beyonce.

This sash, designed by moi in Picmonkey, would likely be the first product:

I'm also thinking along the lines of a baby shower my brother and his friends went to that involved playing "pin the mustache on the baby" and beer chugging contests out of baby bottles (by the guests, not the baby's mother). So how can I take ideas like that and turn them into bridal ideas?

Any ideas for our new Etsy store? 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Find Cheap Running Shoes

I've mentioned before how incredibly important it is to have the right running shoes, but getting ahold of the right running shoes has posed quite a problem for us broke runners: running shoes are really, really freaking expensive. Just like everything else that's good and healthy for I right?! This year I think I've finally cracked the code to getting more affordable running shoes so here's my guide:

1. Get fitted for the correct shoe at least once: This is where the big bucks come in. 2 years ago I went to a running store that watches you run and lets you know what kind of shoe to get. I shelled out the $120. Dishing over that kind of money made me want to throw up but hey, it's cheaper than knee surgery or throwing away $100 for a race I can't run because of issues that come from wearing improper shoes (knees, ankles, feet, stress fractures, etc). BUT now I know what kind of shoe I need and that it works for me.

2. Switch out the shoes after 300-500 miles. Why? Runners World has a great Q&A about running shoes that explains. Now this is where the real detective work comes in:

3. Find out when your shoe model is set to release the update: Specific shoe models go on massive clearance sales in the two weeks before the update is released. Sometimes you can find this info by doing some online detective work, but you can also call the shoe stores to find out if they have information on this. They should at least have a timeframe for when the update will be released.

4. Find your shoe in last year's model. This might take a little bit of research, but forums on Amazon and Zappos are a great place to start. Since I didn't do a whole ton of running this year, my original shoe was already last year's model by the time I needed a new one.

5. Find your last year's model on sites like Amazon, Zappos, 6pm, and even Kohls. tends to have the lowest prices, but they also rarely carry my model AND size.

6. Shop the outlets: Enough said.

6. Pick the ugliest color: This sounds silly but is seriously legit. I bought these from Amazon and after clicking around realized that the shoe that is uglier clearly has lower demand and therefore is $30 less than the cooler looking colors. $30!!!! I'll go buy myself a FEW pairs of my favorite running shorts with that leftover money!

All in all, running shoes are still going to cost. Even at these discounted rates I still pay around $70-$85 on my running shoes (way better than $120) but like I said earlier, it's definitely worth it to avoid injuries.

How do you find your running shoes?

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Last watermelon of the season + weekend recap

So fall kind of came out of nowhere around these parts- last week was in the 90s and today I woke up to temps in the 50s! Time to go boot shoppingggg?

Anyway before we kiss all things summer goodbye, here is a recipe for that last watermelon of the season, one of my favs: watermelon goat cheese salad hallloo!

Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 0 mins
Servings: 6 (depending on the size of the watermelon)


  • 1 watermelon, cubed
  • 1/4 Cup Balsamic Vinegar
  • 1 Cup crumbled goat cheese (Trader Joe's has it for a great price, surprise)

Lay out the cubes in a single layer. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and top each cube with crumbles of goat cheese.

That's it and it's the perfect appetizer!

Onto the weekend...My family and I flew to Memphis to visit my little brother and it was so much fun! We did everythinggg.

Drank the local beer (obligatory local beer picture for Nadine - have you had this? I loved it!)

Saw this campaign ad for a senate candidate and got pissed that as a DC resident I don't have a voice in Congress yet the people who DO get to vote choose their candidates based on posters like this?

Spent time contemplating how on earth a restaurant and bar with LIVE DUCKS in it can pass health inspections at the Peabody?

Had a sweet view for a tiny price thanks to Airbnb (even though the apartment itself left a some to be desired...but I knew that from reading reviews and saved hundreds of dollars and stayed in prime location)

Went to a concert at Levitt Shell

Ate some BOMB FOOD ALL WEEKEND (note: the restaurant menus were seriously lacking healthy items. I'm so used to DC where menus are geared towards health nuts. Even the salads were topped with fried veggies/chicken). This Memphis Po Boy was from SoulFish. Highly, highly recommend.

Spent time with my brother and his boo (people always ask if we're twins, do you see it?)

Attended the Cooper-Young Festival (As an avid day-drinker I have attended probably close to 50 festivals. This was the MOST well organized street festival I have EVER seen. I see you, Memphis!)

I stepped into a building in Cooper-Young and saw this AMAZING mural (Lap infinity, still laughing)

Suffered a heart breaking loss to South Carolina due to a matter of TWO INCHES. My man summed up my feelings:

Explored some lovely sites on a morning jog:

Hope everyone has a great week!