VMA Fashion: The Broke & Bougie Edition- Everyone's White Dress Look

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Since the weather has been like 50 degrees when I wake up I kind of forgot it was summer therefore kind of forgot about white clothes. But I do love a good white dress that doesn't make me look like a toddler on her way to the Easter church service, and this year so did about half of the VMA attendees. I seriously think I counted 14 all-white-everythings on the red carpet. My favs were one half of Danity Kane (they're still here?) and Carly Aquilino.
My favorite white dress for $29 (and going on even better clearance ANY MINUTE I've got my eye on it) is Sears' Studio 1 Women's Party Dress . Besides the fact that this doesn't look like I'm trying too hard, I like the pleated waistline that makes me feel just a little bit skinnier. And just look- it has POCKETS. That is as much of a selling point for me as when the clothes are sized extremely low ("This is a size 2?? why yes I have miraculously discovered an extra $70 for this one skirt, Banana Republic).

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