Workwear: The Ponte Blazer for Under $30

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I have listened to a lot of panels comprised of very important people (CEOs, female leaders in male dominated industries, etc etc), and for some reason one VP's quote has stood out in my head for years: "You have to dress the part of the job you want, no matter what job you are currently working". Maybe this has always stood out to me because I have never made enough money to dress the way I want to dress, add to that being a woman in the workplace presenting millions of questions like what is too racy? what is too conservative? do I look stuffy? do I look like I'm trying to dress like my male counterparts?

Anyway, this season you can't go wrong with the Ponte blazer. Everyone from CEOs to VPs to non-profit workers to artists are wearing these. I like the versatility- I pair mine with jeans if I have somewhere "nice but not too nice" to go; my black blazer goes with colored dress pants; and I have an orange one that I wear to spice up black pants. The fabric and the make of the ponte make it light and somewhat form-fitting which makes me feel like I look skinnier than when I wear my old blazers that are a bit less flattering. Here's where I've found the best steals on the Ponte:

  1. Mossimo Women's Collarless Ponte Blazer from Target- Assorted Colors: $30.00. This comes in black, cinnamon cake (great fall color), officer blue, and railroad gray. So basically black, orange, blue and gray. You can only get them online and my experience with Mossimo sizing is that it's pretty much on par with other brands. One of the reviews claims this blazer is friendly for the large chested (not an issue for me, unfortunately).
  2. Solid Open Blazer from Forever 21: $27.80. Comes in black only, and sorry about the model who looks like pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan. The sizes generally run a little small at Forever, but I like the look of the sleeves. It is also somewhat slimming as it doesn't have the extra fabric for closing the front.
  3. Methaphor Ruched Ponte Blazer from Sears: $18.00. Comes in 8 (yes EIGHT!) different colors- my favorites are raspberry and mustard. Comes in petite which is nice for those of us who were "blessed" with wide hips and narrow shoulders. On that note I think I like these blazers so much because none of them come over the hip, and my big hips/butt make my whole body look much bigger in jackets that cover the bum.
  4. Attention Women's Ponte Blazer- Faux Trim from K-Mart: $20.99. Before Sofia Vergara came into the picture I thought K-Mart was extinct, but they've been reincarnated. I like the "leather" trim on this blazer, gives it kind of an edge. You can order it and pay shipping or get free store pick-up, which confirms they are in fact still a physical store.

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