Homemade Doggie Shampoo

Friday, October 18, 2013

I subscribe to BarkPost which is pretty much the most useful/happiest newsletter on earth for dog owners. Today they published a list of 17 Life Hacks Every Dog Parent Should Know which includes HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN DOG SHAMPOO!!! With things from around the house!! Do you know how much money I have spent on doggie shampoo? #LifeChanging .

Lifehack #4: Make your own shampoo.

With 1 cup of dish soap, 1 cup of vinegar, and 1 quart of warm water, you can have a simple, natural shampoo for your pup! (Info source, Image source.)

My other favorite that I will be using this winter:


Lifehack #17: Protect your pup’s paws in the winter with Vaseline.

Oof. Can you imagine what it would feel like to walk around on those salty + snowy sidewalks in the winter? Protect your pup’s paws from chapping and cracking by applying a bit of Vaseline to them before you go out each time. After your walk, you can just rinse the paws in warm water to get rid of any salt or chemicals your four-legged ruv might’ve picked up. (Info from ASPCA.)

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