Wednesday Workout: Mr. Shut Up and Train {Day 17}

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We're more than halfway through the 30 day challenge!! Some days I feel amazing, but yesterday my body was just so tired- perhaps because I took a cheat day and ate drunken noodles, cake, and lots of other sugary foods I haven't had in quite awhile. Crazy how the body adapts.

Anyway here's Mr. Shut Up and Train's Day 17's Challenge- The Beach Body Workout (you know, for all the beaches we'll be hitting in the next month..). I tried doing two sets of each exercise for 60 seconds with 30 seconds active rest in between each (aka jumping jacks- by the end my jumping jacks looked more like 4 weak tree branches flailing around in a tornado).

Sidenote- can we just talk about blue shirt man doing lateral jump burpees? What in the... how does his body..? He's just so bouncy? Is that what we call it? Anyway I can't wait until the day lateral jump burpees are such a walk in the park that I look bouncy doing them.

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