(Affordable) Neutral Flats

Now that we are (hopefully for good) out of this polar vortex mess, it's time to start thinking about footwear aside from that which is required to cover 4 pairs of wool socks. Enter: The Neutral Flat. Look, I could spend a lot of money on some nice, neutral flats but honestly no matter how much money I spend on flats, I guarantee they will not live to see more than one year of DC sidewalks/cobblestone/rain/mud/seasons/excessively-salted-everything. So here's my list of my favorite affordable neutral flats (with some spice of course).

$24.99 for Steve Madden is NOT a typo. <3 DSW for real


Bonus: the above loafers' more fun/prettier/wilder cousin (we all have that cousin):


  1. Love that you posted something from amazon. I have a gift card and need shoes and clothes, but I've never gotten that sort of stuff from amazon.

    1. I LOVE Amazon for shoes! I have Amazon Prime so I get free shipping, plus we don't have to battle crowds to get the shoes!

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