2 Ingredient Crockpot Green Chicken + Weekend Recap

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ugh, Tuesday after a long weekend is like Monday on steroids. Fortunately I had a great/refreshing weekend and made a few delicious ovenless meals like this green chicken- I threw the 2 ingredients in the crockpot before I went hiking and when I came home it was ready!

This dish is also Tonii-approved which means anyone will like it (backstory: Tonii was a roommate who had never tried hummus , avocado, and a whole host of other "white" foods before we lived together. For the record- he would never choose to eat hummus or avocado but if they were the last 2 foods on the planet he could handle it).

Prep Time: 1 min (to pour stuff in the crockpot)
Cook Time: 6-8 hours
Servings: 4

  • Green Salsa (I used the one pictured below from Wal-Mart for $2.00)
  • 2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast ($3.50)

Throw it all in the crockpot on low for 6-8 hours. Cut off the crockpot and allow to cool and absorb the juices for about 45 mins before serving.

I ate it with a black bean salad which was just a few spoonfuls of black beans, shredded lettuce, a scoop of fat-free Greek Yogurt and a scoop of salsa. I had leftovers as a salad the next day. MMM mmm.

This weekend some friends came over and we christened the front porch with a happy hour and some Sam Adams Summer Ale (y'all I wait all year for these and hoard them like Cadbury Mini Eggs).

Some friends and I went hiking in Great Falls on Saturday and I remembered why DC is the greatest city ever to live in, I mean really this is amazing:

My friend Tonii (as in Tonii-approved chicken) came home from Boston and we ate green chicken and watched the Ana Nicole Smith Story and Jodi Arias Story on Lifetime (Lifetime please give me more of these "docudramas")

Sunday we got up and went to see Christine Cain speak at church and ohhheemmmgeee I am ready to stop making excuses and do something with myself- this woman has done so much in her life, and had a major impact on human trafficking. Really take a lunch break and watch this video about not making excuses and putting our pride aside. And in case you don't want to click I put the video right here because this talk is THAT necessary to hear:

We at on the porch of Desperado's on U Street after- the drinks were good and my portobello burger was deelish!

Cooked out with some old friends Sunday night, had a lil photoshoot in front of an American flag:

FYI that's Tonii in the middle

Monday I made a green soup that I read is Zooey Deschanel's favorite to serve friends and ate it for lunch with a limited edition Sam. Obvi it was amazing:

Cooked out Monday night with Harrison's family and now to get back to some serious clean eating.

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  1. What a great weekend!

    I love it!

    And oh, I love that Mrs. Renfro's SALSA! It's tasty and super cheap. I think that's an easy crock pot meal.. and I love how you paired it!

    Happy Tuesday.. that feels like a Monday. UGH!

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Girl, Christine Cain is ah-freakin-mazing! She's just so honest and real and hilarious. Yay for a 4 day work week!

    1. Ahh ahha yes she was amazing!! And she talks so fast !

  3. Looks like such a great weekend. Those Lifetime movies were awesome!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I love so many things about this post that it would take me three days to comment individually about each reason.
    So glad you had a good weekend twinsie!!!

  5. shut up, that chicken sounds so easy!! i have to try it. wonder if i could use normal red salsa?
    looks like you had a ton of fun on your weekend - is it bad i want a sam adams now? lol

  6. Sounds like a great weekend!!!

    I make a salsa chicken in the crockpot that uses regular salsa and cream of chicken....but I love the idea of green salsa!! I will have to try this!

  7. Can you please write a crock pot cookbook?! I'm always at a loss and am amazed at all the wonderful dinners you manage to create. Seriously you put me to shame :) Looks like such a fun weekend. Is a cook out the same a a bbq? Cause if it is, then they're best especially with a good group of friends.

  8. Nice pictures.
    I am all for two ingrediens on a super busy day.

  9. Im all for easy so yay! Great pics of the weekend also I love a good hike and the place looks gorgeous. Also laughing at Tonii's grin in that pic!

  10. Lindsay once again your recipe has left me drooling. I'm pretty positive I need to lve closer to you so you can cook these amazing meals for me.

    The black bean salad sounds like the perfect addition to this chicken. I'm wondering of you ever used flavored Greek yogurt. I used Greek yogurt in your avocado salad recipe and it was delicious, bit pretty tart by itself and I feel like you could taste it better with this.

    I hope that made sense. Thanks for sharing again this week :)

  11. wait a second...chris was speaking at my church (cap city church) sunday AM. do you go to my church? or do you go to NCC and watched her videoed talk from saturday night??

  12. I go to NCC!! We just got the video. I loveloveloved her!!

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