Online Thrift Stores - IT'S A THING

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Online thrift stores. It's a thing. I REPEAT: ONLINE THRIFT STORES ARE A THING. Peniless Socialite introduced me to Instagram Shopping and I've pretty much been sucked into a black hole of online thrifting. This is really a thing and I am really never leaving the house to shop again. Here are the ones I've found and the info.

1. Instagram Shopping 
  • How it works: Search #ShopMyCloset  or #ClothesForSale, click on the picture of the item you want, and follow the directions in the person's bio. It's usually something like "leave your paypal email and the word "SOLD" in the comments". 
  • Safety: So-so. Since it's individual people it IS a little bit sketch. I look for profiles that other (REAL) people have commented and bought things. Also making sure they use regular paypal, not friends and family. Hold on to invoices, etc.

  • How it Works: Twice is an online store that buys and sells secondhand namebrand clothes and handbags. You can sell or buy. 
  • Safety: Totally safe. All money goes through the store, not individuals. Plus they offer 30 day returns! And I have a friend who has used this more than once so I know it's safe.

How it Works: Basically like Craigslist but much much better. Set up a profile that includes your sizes and preferences, and Poshmark matches you up with people who have these items in their "closets". If you see something you like you comment on it- either that you are willing to pay full price or to bargain (lower price or clothing swap). You can search tons of name brands or not so namebrands. They also host parties 3 times a day to show new items and favorites. I still don't get the parties. 
Safety: Safe. Poshmark has it set up that you pay Poshmark and they don't give the seller your money until you tell Poshmark that you have received your order.

4. Vinted
How it Works: Same as Poshmark, just without some of the major retailers and stores.
Safety: Safe. You enter your credit card through Vinted's secure server and they don't release your payment to the seller until you confirm you got your order and it matches the description. You can track shipping through the website.

How it Works: We all know and love Asos, this is their marketplace where anyone can sell anything to anyone. Individuals, small businesses and boutiques are all selling stuff on here.
Safety: Since Asos is a major brand I feel like it's safe, but you pay the sellers directly through paypal. You can report something that seems fishy to Asos Marketplace, and you can return your items if it isn't what the seller said it would be. If your order does not arrive, the website says to resolve it via Paypal.

What online bargain shopping am I missing?? Do you sell your clothes on Instagram and/or online? Let me know!

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  1. Ya know, I read the title of your post and thought, "I really shouldn't read this. I really shouldn't read this, it'll get me in trouble. I really shouldn't....." And here I am, in trouble. LOL! Thank you for sharing these awesome online thrift shops!

  2. ooooooh dangerous post.
    i have bought 2 things off poshmark, one was ok and the other was never shipped. i think i am done with them, i just didnt love it. i am partial to ebay, to be honest! and i love thredUp but i dont like their search / category function. thats why i love ebay. but i'll turn to the others if i cant find something i really want.
    off to check out the other sites..

  3. I agree with the above comment that this is a DANGEROUS post.

    I love Vintage shopping in the stores... There's an added fun of walking through the aisles or rummaging through a small boutique...

    I think I'm going to do that on Saturday.. Maybe find myself a cute mother's day outfit!


  4. Oh sweet Lord, I think I love you...
    You know right where my weaknesses are.

  5. I love Like Twice! I've bought from them and sold to them. It's super easy! They even pay the postage to send your stuff to them. Some things I like to sell myself on Ebay but a lot of things I know they will give me a fair price for without my having to package and ship each individual item.

  6. these are great recommendations. How far have we come!? haha

  7. Threadflip! I've bought and sold things from them. It's great!

  8. I usually just sell my clothes on ebay. I heard a lot of bloggers use that too


  9. What? This is awesome. Thanks for all the deats!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

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