The Secret to the Perfect Zucchini Lasagna + Weekend Recap

Hey hey it's already Tuesday! Yay for short work weeks!

First of all- have you ever tried making lasagna with zucchini as the noodles? This is my go to recipe, but it is always suuuper watery. So I did a little research, combined a few ideas, and made an amazing zu-sagna this weekend! I sliced the zucchini strips first, then laid them out over bowls and covered them with coarse sale (sea salt)- about 1/2 teaspoon per slice. I prepared the rest of the ingredients while the salt did its thing, and about 20 minutes later each bowl was full of water from the zucchinis! I rinsed off the zucchini strips with cold water then proceeded with the recipe. 

And now for the weekend recap. This was a good one. A really really good one.

So we have been thinking about getting a second dog, and this weekend did a "trial weekend" with a guy named Ziggy from an amazing rescue group called Pitties & Purrs. Andi had a rough start- only child syndrome- but Pitties & Purrs set us up with a trainer who has been to our house twice and called every day to check in and give us advice- WHO does that?? So with all the support, and the amazingness that is Mr. Ziggy Man, we are keeping him and I am so. EXCITED! Just look at this guy- he's a REAL dog, unlike Andi who I vented about last week:

This is Zig trying to teach Andi how to play frisbee. She does not get it. At all.

Saturday was COLLEGE FOOTBALL! In the morning we went down to Georgetown to tailgate and watch the game (yes, Georgetown has a football team. Harrison played for them in college so it's real).

Saturday evening I went to watch Georgia MURDER Clemson. Afterwards we went to one of my old college friends' apartments and he has the best view. Sometimes I forget to appreciate how great DC is, and how cool it is to live close to so many things that people vacation to see:

Sunday we cooked out at our house. Harrison made a last minute purchase at K Mart (yep, they're still here!) that turned out to be clutch as the skies opened. Something about sitting outside in the rain is just really great.

We also played some flip cup and, like so many other grand talents, I have lost this one since college. So not only am I now an atrocious flip cup player, I also wake up with killer hangovers from a mere 3 rounds of the game.

I also love Andi's photobomb in this picture:

Monday we sat around and did nothing but play with the dogs, put together wedding registry (all online thanks to advice from Kelly). and I spent a little time sitting in my kiddie pool (another clutch K Mart purpose) soaking up the last summer sun and reading all the fall things. I'm actually so ready for fall- bring on the sweaters and boots and comfiness!

So tell me: do you have tips for cooking with veggies? Do you sometimes forget to love your city?


  1. My next recipe of yours to try--for sure!! It looks great! Looks like a great weekend!!!

  2. aw how cute is Andi's photo bomb. love it. i have only played flip cup like 4 times in my life, and i have done pretty well - i'm scared for the time the beginners luck works out lol. i haven't tried to make lasagna with zucchini yet but i have heard that about the salt and leaving them for a bit to drain the water. i might try it!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Love Andi's photo bomb. Thanks for the tips on the lasagna. Very helpful!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. You and your friends look like you guys have so much fun! And your pup is too cute. You're so creative with veggies, it's inspiring. My brother in law got me drying out my zucchini and even sprinkling it with salt to make it more pasta like and less watery. So that's my tip :)

    1. We do have fun!! But really you have the best veggie recipes soooo!

  5. First off, yay Dawgs!!!!! They were looking AMAZING second half!!!!

    Hmmmm zucchini lasagna? Sounds super fun! I might have to give that a try!

    I hope you have a great week!

  6. I'll take any kind of lasagna thank you very much. Looks awesome. My Grandma always did that trick with cucumbers when she made her famous cucumber salad. Pulls all the water out!

  7. The salt trick is amazing.. isn't it!

    OH - and Andi's photobomb in the picture - he's merely showing us what the post-flip cup feelings were! That's his "Hung Over" pose! Too cute!

    I love that you adopted another dog! And at that, another pit bull. Such an unloved and misunderstood breed. I had one, before Emry... and let's just say that for the 3 years Squishy was mine - he was the best. And it's very sad that you can never fully rehabilitate a dog, after they've been so cruelly treated in their past. **SIGHS** I miss that dog.

  8. Thank you so much for that tip with the zucchini - it's always so watery when I try to make it so I'll try your secret next time! I always say the same thing about Boston - so amazing to live in a city that people visit from all over the world!!

  9. Oh my gosh, Ziggy!! Love him!
    I usually grill my zuc first before I layer my lasagna, but I am going to try the salt tip!!
    Jefferson City is a capital city, but so small that I forget sometimes how much history and cool stuff there is here!
    Happy Tuesday love!

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    kisses, Anna ♥

  11. Oh my goodness gracious!! That Ziggy is so stinking adorable!! Aww ya'll had so much fun on game day - thank the lord college football is back. Can I get an amen?! I'm so so glad I could help with the whole registering thang - the less meltdowns one has, the better. LOL!

  12. I think I was the only person on this planet that didn't watch college football! but looks like you had a great weekend!! Ziggy is so cute!

  13. thanks for the zuc tip -- that's an awesome one! and yay on the new addition to the fam. gotta be honest, i didn't know georgetown football was a thing. i'm an alabama fan (roll tide) but my fav cousin is a georgia grad so i'm happy when they do well (obvi unless it doesn't help my team). sounds like a great weekend!

  14. It took me a couple iterations to de-water the zuch lasagna. lately ive been lazy and cut the zuch into medallions and incorporate it into my spaghetti sauce. i'll get my zoodle thing from amazon soon. OK now for the MOST RANDOM part..... I grew up in Harrison's neighborhood!! Small world right?!??!

  15. You look like you had a blast,,, even though I have no clue about anything college football (even though my cousin plays for Penn). Go you for a great weekend!

  16. Yay for the new doggie! It took almost a year for one of my dogs to tolerate each of the two that came after her.

  17. Ziggy is so cute! And I'm so happy you got a pit- they get such a terrible rap, but the ones I've interacted with are such great dogs!!

  18. The new pet is beautiful :-) Pictures are wonderful thanks for sharing.

  19. Congrats on getting a second dog! So awesome that you rescued him :) I hope they get along and become best friends!

  20. So I have tried zucchini lasagna, and it was really good, but like you said really watery. So I am going to have try again with your tips. Thanks for sharing! And how cute is Ziggy!!! Hopefully all is well and they become the best of friends :)

  21. love zucchini lasagna! and i was very happy with the UGA game!!

  22. I could go for some lasagna made with zucchini strips! I'm just as happy with it as noodles and don't wan't the calories. Thanks for the tip for reducing the liquid. Makes sense!

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