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Friday, December 5, 2014

I've found it really difficult to come up with light-hearted content, witty commentary, recipes, and anything along the lines of creativity when so many horrifying things are happening right here in our backyard. When I get online, open a newspaper, or turn on the TV the things I see seem like they can't be happening here. When it comes to situations that I am extremely passionate/emotional about I pretty much lose all ability to articulate feelings and break into uncontrollable angry tears (angry crying = my worst quality). Maybe this is why I keep so many lawyer friends who share my feelings around- they went to school to argue. Or because they're really awesome. Or both.

BUT. Lawyer friends aside, I'm really worked up by recent events and pretty worked up by some people's reactions, or lack of reactions.

So. I don't know what to say. When disaster strikes my reaction is to gather as much information as possible. Read everything out there on both sides of the argument, try to understand why and how these things go on and why and how we are where we are. So here are a few of the interesting pieces:


10 Images

Please Stop Telling Me All Lives Matter

17 Examples of White Privelege

It's Past the Point of No Return: What Went Wrong According to an NYPD Police Officer

New Orleans Saints' Benjamin Watson Reacts to Ferguson

Chris Rock on Race in America

Self Segregation: Why It's So Hard for White People to Understand ...


  1. All I can say is thank you for posting this. I live in St. Louis and there are far too few people engaging about this in an intelligent manner. It's horrible and terrifying, but hopefully all of this will culminate in systemic change so people 75 years from now won't have to be marching for the same things.

  2. ^^ what she said.
    I can't believe that this is happening, and I am disgusted in what some people are saying (someone wrote 'I don't care and want to stop reading about it' and I was just mortified).

  3. Ditto to the two comments above mine! I've seen some really dumb, hateful comments (on both sides). To the point where I can no longer read the comment section of any news source. It's just frickin' painful.

  4. Im not even in the US and I couldnt post Friday because of this story. #truestory I read about it all of Friday. Sigh. Sad just sad.

  5. It is so amazing hurtful to read some of the comments and commentary on those stories. I can't believe the things that people say and think in this day and age. Sad.

  6. i have MANY thoughts on all of this, but i will say that my heart is warmed when i realize that people i've connected with online are actually as compassionate and thoughtful as i thought them to be. sadly, the opposite is also true (i unfollowed a LOT of people when the news broke) but i try to focus on the positive. thanks, girl.


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