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Monday, February 23, 2015

Oh hey! Remember me? I used to blog here until every aspect of life sped up to about 1,000 mph! I'm working on finding balance and I have a feeling that come March 7th I'll find a little more time (ICYMI: March 7 = my wedding). Let's do a little catch up with some currently, shall we?

Reading: The Paying Guests. This book topped every "must read" list that's come across my email/internets. When I first picked it up I was like so predictable I know exactly what's going to happen. Yeah no. Not predictable at all. And really, really great. And makes me really really glad I'm a woman in this decade, not 1922.

Doing: Relaxing after a paleo prep-a-thon by catching up on TV I missed this week. Here's what we've got for the week, most recipes thanks to my friend Amanda who just got started on paleo and is way better at finding recipes than me. Also, shredded cabbage..not sure where I was going with that one but I picked up cabbage and I'm hoping the idea I had for it comes back to me:

Working on: Short term - wedding seating charts (womp womp). Long term - nightly reflection, 90 Days of Yoga, accepting that I can't control everything (see: impending wedding week ice storm), boozing no more than twice/week (this is a major challenge due to aforementioned wedding).

Watching: The Slap. Why am I so into this show? And who the heck's side am I on (answer: I think I hate everyone?)? And why does everyone care so much about Uma Thurman's makeup at the premier of this? If I manage to stay awake for this entire episode I'll be catching up on the How to Get Away With Murder episode I missed this week too (DO NOT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED).

Wanting: Warm weather, no more winter. Oh! Conveniently 2 weeks from today I'm hopping on a plane to Cancun. The big question here: will I survive 2 more weeks of this winter mess? 

Wishing: I had Tivoed these shows instead of thinking I would just watch them on demand. No fast forwarding through commercials is so irritating. Whoa. Talk about some first world problems over here.

Feeling: Loved. Appreciative. Also sore thanks to this.

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a great week- annnd someone please tell me who we hate in The Slap?!


  1. Mmmm those turkey tacos are making my mouth water! I haven't watched The Slap but daylord, I can only imagine the drama just with that title lol! I can't wait to see/hear all about your wedding :)

  2. Ahhhh your wedding is coming up so fast! Everything sounds delicious on your meal plan this week. I have never heard of The Slap?!?!

  3. I've been meaning to watch the Slap---seems like a good one! Yay your wedding is almost here!!!!!! Congrats!

  4. I am going to be picking this book up asap!
    We love cabbage. We eat an embarrassingly large amount of it, especially shredded and braised with onion and bacon. It's just so good!
    I haven't started The Slap yet, but I feel like it might be happening today during naptime.
    I miss alcohol. We are about to start painting our cabinets this weekend and I can imagine that I will be very, very sad that I can't drink while this is happening.

  5. I hadn't heard of that book but it definitely looks interesting- adding to my "to read" list!
    Fingers crossed you don't get an ice storm on your wedding day!

  6. Beyond jealous of your upcoming tropical vacation/honeymoon!!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. so jealous of your impending cancun awesomeness. definitely adding that book to my list, how have i not heard of it?

  8. I hate everyone on the Slap too, but I still keep on watching :)

  9. I need to watch the slap! Yay for wedding planning coming along and cancun in two weeks!! You are going to have a blast!!

  10. i want to check out that show. you've got me convinced. i need to bing ewatch it!

  11. Omg! I can't believe your wedding is next week already!!! Can't wait to see you guys, and can't wait to take some beautiful pictures!! Ah!

    1. Ahh annie! Can't wait to see you and have some beautiful pictures!

  12. yeah, i pretty much hate everyone in that show. ugh. they are awful. praying for peace for you as the wedding approaches!

  13. I love you meal plan. It looks very similar to mine. I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day too. Also, I am so with you on being annoyed about not being able to fast forward when watching On Demand. I try all the time out of habit and get annoyed every single time it doesn't work. Grrrr

  14. I saw the commercials for the show but missed it. Will have to check it out on demand. So jealous you are getting out of the cold soon!


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