SOFFE's Response to the Selfie Epidemic

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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It seems like everywhere I turn, someone is taking a selfie—sitting at dinner and the person next to me is snapping a selfie of them eating their salad, walking down the sidewalk and people are taking selfies of themselves in front of the bus stop… it’s gotten so intense that museums here in DC are banning selfie sticks!

I’m not the only one noticing the prevalence of selfies—there is real research going on about this trend. Social media platforms are mostly image-based and force people to take a closer look at themselves, and people post 1 million selfies each day. 91% of teens have posted a picture of themselves online (that’s almost everyone). 30% of all photos people aged 18-24 take are selfies, and 35% of 18-24 year olds admit to altering their selfies.

These statistics made me laugh at first (picturing people altering their selfies), but these studies have found significant problems stemming from selfies. Studies show that selfies lead to decreased intimacy, more shallow relationships. Plastic surgery has risen for patients younger than 30, and selfies have given a rise to “selfie surgery” (eeek!).

That’s why Soffe is heading up #TheUsProject movement, a movement where we can use social media to bring us together instead of pitting us against one another (and ourselves). Instead of competing, let’s build each other up. #TheUsProject movement encourages replacing selfies with a statement that says “we” makes “me”. Together we can make a beautiful picture!
Want to join the movement? You can participate by taking a group photo of yourself on Instagram with the people that give you strength, tag my Instagram handle (@lhtempleton) in the caption and use the hashtag #TheUsProject. The contest runs from 4/20/15-4/25/15. You have a chance to win any of these prizes (BTW these aren’t the cross country team Soffes you’ve been sleeping in for the last 10 years, Soffe has revamped with high performance fabrics and a new look):

My #TheUsProject picture is of my former teammates/co-workers/roommates and most recently, bridesmaids. The 3 of us met when we moved to Rhode Island to serve as Americorps members with City Year. We worked a really, really tough job and lived in a really tough apartment (see: tiny apartment, mobster landlord, people screaming 24/7 below us). We came home at the end of every day exhausted, but we kept each other going. Their dedication inspired me to do more and do better, and we gave each other the strength to get through the year. We have stayed best friends even though we are scattered across the country, and they are my “we” that is better than “me”. They both work hard for great causes, and when I am losing motivation they inspire me to keep going! This is my post:

Check out #TheUsProject movement and don't forget to enter the Instagram contest to win some new Soffe gear!
Who are your "we" that is better than "me"?

Here is a short video explaining #TheUsProject

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  1. "it’s gotten so intense that museums here in DC are banning selfie sticks!" <-- we went to the Museum of Natural History around Christmas time - and some dude rested a freaking selfie stick INSIDE OF THE TREXs MOUTH - and took a selfie of he and his gf. My husband LOST his fricking mind. Legit.

    Love this post.

  2. Love this post! I don't take selfies unless other people are in the picture with me...then I guess its not really a selfie is it?! I dont know the whole concept is just lost on me....

  3. i probably take my fair share of selfies - but i love pictures with other people too! honestly, i'm not around people as much as i'm around myself. hahahaha. i like the we before me tank but the get over your selfie is a bit harsh hahaha. i will definitely do this next time i am with.. you know, actual people :)

  4. This is so true!!! I hate when I open my instagram feed and see a selfie that was filtered about 100 different times. Selfies are fine...but let's not flood our entire account with them. I want to see food and dogs lol! But seriously though, such a great project. The Get Over your Selfie shirt is freaking awesome!!!! And is this Soffee who used to make those colorful cheerleading shorts we all wore in high school/college? I might still have a few pairs laying around. Wont lie!

  5. That first graphic is 100% on point. I love the idea behind this movement, and I really hope it picks up steam with the 18-24yr old crowd - in my opinion, they need to hear and learn the lesson the most.

    Awww, I feel a little nostalgic reading this. Soffe was the big maker of all my cheerleading shorts in high school and college.

  6. That is craaaaazy that selfies are so intense that it's banned at the museum!!! I have noticed that people have no respect for what's going on around them when taking selfies. Meaning, they stop in the middle of wherever they are and will block everything to do it. I have always liked having group photos or more than one person in it and don't have a whole lot of selfies. I blamed it on my age and started taking more selfies. LOL. This is cool, I like this idea.

  7. I very rarely take selfies but I can totally see how it makes people a little self centered. I think the movement has such a great message!

  8. Great social media campaign. The selfie stick is the worst and yes, it is a bit of a problem when we stop enjoying life and are focused on documenting it for IG

  9. I take way too many selfies but this is a great campaign!!


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