Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Work clothes on a budget (that also don't show sweat)

Welcome to another installment of Lindsay Stalking Things She Loves on Pinterest That No Longer Exist or Are Way Out of Her Price Range so She Found it For Cheap Somewhere Else. This session I'm focused on summer work clothes. First off, my office is pretty casual in the summer. Second off, WHY does it cost so much to buy LESS cloth? Like why are summer clothes expensive at all?? Thirdly, I can only wear clothes that don't show sweat. When I step into my office after my 2 block walk from the metro, the casual observer would think I just ran 26.2 miles based on the ocean of sweat pouring from my body.

#1: Nautical Midi original here

My finds:

$20 @ Charlotte Russe

$20 @ Bluefly

Look #2: Original here

Belt here

Look # 3: Original here

Belts: here and here

Look #4: Original here

Where do you buy summer work clothes??


  1. I could live in any ONE of these outfits. Summer work clothes - the struggle is real. My office is an ICE box - so we still need to dress warmly - but have layers to shed when we walk out the door.

    1. oh SAME! I can't stand the cold office especially when I come in all sweaty!

  2. I love these outfits, but double puffy heart that striped dress. I have no less than five striped dresses and I want more!

  3. Love that first dress - I'm going to have to try and find one 😀

  4. I usually buy summer work clothes at the same places I buy other work clothes- a mix mainly of Express, Old Navy, and H&M. Love the maxi skirt w/ button down. I actually copied the look using a maxidress and got a lot of compliments at work!

  5. Not showing sweat is very important!!! Love the first look, and that skirt from BooHoo is gorgeous!!

  6. i am all for some steals and deals! keep 'em coming!


  8. Yess I need these in my life! In the wise words of my husband, I tend to sweat like a hooch in church ... LOL!

  9. All of these are so cute! I wish I could wear them to my job!

  10. This is really a wonderful post.

  11. I wore maxi skirts to work all summer last year, and they are super comfortable, but I'd like to switch things up a bit. The striped dresses are really cute, as is the crop top with the skirt. Do you think these will still be in style this summer?

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