#30DayEducationChallenge Day 10: The Black Panthers

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Welcome to Day 10 of the #30DayEducationChallenge! There are so many important figures involved in this movement (💡we could do a 90 day challenge on that), but the group I got the most questions about in last weekend's poll was the Black Panther Party so I want to focus on them today. I have to admit that, until last week when my history teacher friend sent me an article I had to include on the Black Panthers, when I heard "Black Panthers" I had an image of a domestic terrorist group (cringe- I know)- welp like everything else over the last 10 days I could not be more off base!

In reality, the Black Panthers were social activists who went to great lengths to protect Black lives through protesting, education, legal aid, and community programs (they invented the free breakfast program!?).

Today we have a mix of things that total about 30 minutes:

📖A section of "How Segregation Survived" by the Equal Justice Initiative - scroll down to the section called "THE GOVERNMENT ASSAULT ON BLACK POWER" and read this. This covers COINTELPRO which was another hot topic in this weekend's poll. (2 minute read)
📺TEDxTalk: Black Panthers White Lies by Dr. Curtis Austin (13 minutes)
📖"8 Black Panther Programs That Were More Empowering Than Federal Government Programs"(5 minute read)
📖"From the Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter, the ongoing fight to end police violence against black Americans" (10 minute read)

Reflection questions (discuss with your groups, join the conversation on Instagram, or journal):
  1. What is something new you learned?
  2. What is something that surprised you? 
  3. What can we learn from the Black Panther Party? What are lessons that can be applied to the current movement? 

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